Computer Start and stop by itself

  zarobian 17:56 14 Jan 2011

My imedia x2414 has developed this strange fault.
There is a history to it.
First it started wakingup during the middle of night. Athough wakeup on lan is disabled in the bois.Then it started switching off and on while I was using it.I borrowed a new psu from a friend. Same problem.Now I have replaced the mobo with asus p5ql-am.Applied thermal compund to the cpu after cleaning it thorughly.Re-installed win 7 and it worked for an hour.Thereafter once swithced off and started by itself.I shut the computer and after an hour or so it started switching on and immediately off continuously. Removed the power cord for the time being.
Any further idea please. It is quadcore Q6600 machine. Thanks for your help.

  zarobian 18:04 14 Jan 2011

Excuse me for the typo please.

  Pineman100 18:44 14 Jan 2011

Are you happy that the main power plug is properly pushed into the wall socket, and that the connections inside the plug are good? If you're opening it to check, I would also replace the fuse, just in case it's faulty.

Then check the computer end of the power cable - is it pushed properly home?

Better still try an alternative power cable.

  woodchip 18:50 14 Jan 2011

Try a different PSU

  T0SH 21:37 14 Jan 2011

Check in BIOS power management section if restart on power failure (or words to this effect) is enabled then disable it

You can easily check if this (mainly for server)feature is enabled, by shutting down the PC then switching the power off or unplugging at the socket for a few seconds then switching on again if the PC starts up then it is enabled

Cheers HC

  zarobian 09:11 15 Jan 2011

Mains power cord has been changed previously and all connections were checked for integrity.My old Gateway computer works fine in its place.
As suggested by woodchip I have already borrowed a brand new power supply without any success. Unless the new one was also faulty.Restart on power failure/resume in the bois is disabled.In system 'startup and recovery' autmatically restart option has been unchecked. So I was left to change mobo but no joy. Next is cpu.Any more idias please?

  woodchip 11:05 15 Jan 2011

If more than one stick of memory, try it just with one at a time, swapping them round

  zarobian 08:22 17 Jan 2011

I have tried your suggestions using each memory stick in turn. No joy. Nothing else left. I suspected loose or dry joint in switch assembly. imedia is notorious for opening the front panel. I failed to do so. I switched on the computer and touch the wires from the switch to mother board and straight away the computer switched off and moving them again switched on. Right so the problem seems to be here. Next I switched on the computer and immediately removed the connector from the mother board. I used the computer for about 3 hours without any disruptions. Next problem is how to get to the switch assembly?
Thanks guys for your contribution. I do appreciate it.

  woodchip 11:37 17 Jan 2011

Front panels normally just pull off, It may be a motherboard problem

  woodchip 11:42 17 Jan 2011

To test the switch you can change the Reset wires on mobo to start wires bottom right corner of motherboard only two wires on both, I doubt its the switch as it only shorts the two wire to start the PC or reset it. if you remove the start wire it should not then start if its the switch, without you shorting the two exposed pins with a screwdriver

  zarobian 14:10 17 Jan 2011

In response to your prior post, it is a new mother board which is behaving exactly as with the old mobo.
I personaly do not think it is the switch itself. I suspect a wire has come off , dry jointed or damaged. I did started the computer by shortning the two pins and its running fine.
Regarding front pannel removal,this is in one piece all the way from front bottom to the back top of the unit. I did find some clips to push in which loosen a part of it. I think some other push clips are hiding in the top of the chassis. Will post back on it.Thanks for your response.

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