Computer Start Up Failure

  Condom 12:38 19 Oct 2009

Switched off last night with no problems. Today switched on and PC wouldn't boot and asked for CD. Put XP Pro disk in and PC started fine. I checked BIOS and couldn't see anything wrong. While PC was up and running I tried several programs and everything seems to be working fine. Ran full scan and it gave my PC clean bill of health. Switched off and started again with fingers crossed but no luck.

I'm getting
Verifying DMI Pore Data
Boot from CD:
NVIDIA Boot Agent 201.0440
Client MAC ADDR: 00 1109 D$ 2061
PXE -53: No Boot Filename Received
PXE -MOF: Empty NVIDIA Boot Agent
Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter

  Condom 12:41 19 Oct 2009

Sorry don't know what happened there but it posted before I finished typing.

Anyone any idea what has happened? Hopefully nothing too serious as I was planning on doing a clean Win 7 installation this week (Royal Mail permitting)and I would prefer to do this on a PC that isn't going to collapse on me.

  nufc2009 12:46 19 Oct 2009

might be worth formatting your pc, if you are able to get back in backup any files and documents etc first.

  Condom 15:27 19 Oct 2009

Still having problems starting

Looking at the details I posted previously I see a couple of typo errors so I'll try again

Verifying DMA Pool Data
Boot From CD;
NVIDIA Boot Agent 201.0440
Client MAC ADDR: 00 1109 D4 2061
PXE-E53 No boot filename received
PXE-MOF: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent
Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk & Press enter

Inserting my XP disk starts it OK but there is obviously something amiss. BIOS still seems OK although this would appear to be the obvious fault. System restore has not fixed the problem and an AV scan has found nothing. Is my mother board on the way out or is it something simple I can't see.

  JanetO 16:03 19 Oct 2009

1st thing to try is running a sfc. If still no go a 'repair' install click here It should leave data intact but backup anyway. It'll take a few hours to reinstall updates though.

  kidsis 16:11 19 Oct 2009

PXE - I think this is the pc looking for a network to boot from? What shows in your BIOS options when it comes to boot order.

  crosstrainer 16:15 19 Oct 2009

This could be your BIOS battery. Sounds to me as if the first boot device (which should be set to hdd) May have been changed, other settings may also be effected by a flat BIOS cell.

On boot up tap the DEL key to enter your BIOS screen

Check time and date, then locate the boot options screen (this varies from BIOS to BIOS)

Check that first boot device is set to HDD
Second boot device CD (If this won't work you can still boot with the cd in the drive)

Post back with results.

  Condom 22:30 19 Oct 2009

Well problem seems resolved for now but unsure why it happened in the first place.

The first thing I checked this morning was the BIOS as that seemed to be the obvious place to look from the messages received. BIOS seemed OK with hard drive as 1st boot CD Rom as 2nd. My clock was also spot on so the battery also seemed OK.

I haven't been too good today so I gave it a break for a while and posted on site for help. Old age and all that.

This evening I came back on site and crosstrainer who I trust from previous readings of his posts was suggesting the same things that I thought was the problem. So back into BIOS again and sure enough still Hard drive and then CD Rom. Then I realise that I have 2 hard drives (One where I just keep Music) so I went deaper into the BIOS and low and behold that music drive has jumped in front of my normal system drive. Changed it back and Bob's my uncle again.

Now why that has suddenly happened I have no idea right now but maybe the battery is part of the problem despite my PC apparently keeping good time when switched off. Before I hopefully do my clean WIn 7 install later this week I will change the battery.

Thanks to all who responded.

  crosstrainer 07:34 20 Oct 2009

Yes, your battery is failing....CR2032 Replace ASAP...You will have to reset your VIOS after you change the battery :))

  crosstrainer 07:35 20 Oct 2009

Vios - BIOS :))

  crosstrainer 10:37 20 Oct 2009

This often happens as the season changes (no. I'm serious) The drop in temperature finishes off weak batteries.

With me, It's clocks....Almost every battery powered clock in the house packs up at this time of year.

BIOS batteries do vary in quality, and if you have your PC on most of the time, the heat generated can help a weak battery maintain it's charge.

Since in the past I have built a new PC every year, the problem has not been one I have suffered from....But am weaning myself off this expensive habit (Hopes) so Will have to contend with replacement batteries at some stage.

Yours is just starting to die, but don't wait until it does. :))

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