Computer start up

  Drazpaz 13:55 08 Apr 2003

When I start up my desktop it will suddenly turn off while it is starting itself up, it seems to randomly happen at different points of the startup each time. Rarely will it ever fully load up into windows.
What is wrong and what do I do?

  kentylad 14:14 08 Apr 2003

Is it a home-made PC?

  Drazpaz 14:23 08 Apr 2003

It is a home made pc

  kentylad 12:48 09 Apr 2003

Since you built the PC has it EVER started Windows?

I suggest you check ALL the jumper settings

What make is your mobo?


  Drazpaz 19:11 09 Apr 2003

Windows used to work fine.

My motherboard is a T16NB+ pentium II 440BX/Apollo pro plus motherboard with a slot 1 connector.


  kentylad 12:31 11 Apr 2003

Have you tried to over-clock the processor at all? i.e. changed the FSB settings\Multiplier in the BIOS?


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