Computer slow response

  Denlyn 00:34 19 Feb 2003

my computer is slowing down .Ihave installed an extra fan to prevent overheat,but it has made no difference.Can anyone help.thanks

  powerless 00:48 19 Feb 2003

How exactly is it slowing down?

What operating system are using?

How much hard drive space do you have left, and wht is the total capacity?

How much memory do you have?

How many icons are in the system tray (bottom right) when you first start the computer?

Press Ctrl - Aly - Delete. Now count how many progams you have.

  Gaz 25 00:49 19 Feb 2003

click here

Hope it helps,


  powerless 00:49 19 Feb 2003

Press Ctrl - Alt - Delete. Now count how many progams you have?

  Gaz 25 00:50 19 Feb 2003

Thats on the above site too.

  powerless 17:43 19 Feb 2003

Tks for reply.I have 12 items in bottom right tray.I am on windows 98.


I have9 items in tray at bottom right,

Items in alt /d12


Free system resouces55%

Hard disc1895MB free.



OK, well go to Start > Run > Type in "msconfig" without the quotes. Click "ok"...

Now click on the startup tab...

When your computer starts it loads programs that have been selected to start when windows boots. Within that startup tab, what you see is what programs are set to start when windows boots. Most of them you will not need and there just taking up space.

You can stop the programs from starting. To do this simply take the tick out of the box. Just click the box to do this... Next to the box is a clue to what the program is. If you are not sure its best to leave the tick in the box.

On windows 98 machines, its important that you leave the tick in the box next to "Explorer" and "systray".

With my windows 98 machine i have 95% System Resources free.

If you click here ...heres a list of startups. Just see what you have set to startup and compare it with the list.

When your finished just click "ok".

If you find that a program is still starting, then there is probably a setting within the program that needs to be disbaled. For exapmle "Run when windows starts"...Again just untick the box, within the program.

If you mess it up or something dosnt seem right. Put the ticks back in everything that you have disabled. Then redo it but this time do one at a time = Disable one item at one time.

  powerless 18:40 28 Feb 2003

many thanks 4 your help.your advise seems to have cured my probleregards


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