Computer slow after repair??

  joostin 20:51 08 Jul 2007

Hi guys if youve been following my nihgtmare month of June postings you will see that a storm must have damaged my pc power supply modem and external HD.Now my pc seems slower?? is there any program i can load to clean up pc better that c claener aor disc claen up??.
I have 6.30GB of free space left is this too low? 21.6GB used total 27.9GB would this low total of free space effect performance??
Would love your help guys thanks

  Totally-braindead 21:12 08 Jul 2007

It might, its a small hard drive and you are using quite a bit of it.
Have you tried a defrag?

  skidzy 21:45 08 Jul 2007

Couple of simple steps to take:

Remove all unwanted programs from Add and remove programs

Run ccleaner again

Download and run Winaso click here Regopt version
This will scan and repair 10 errors at any one time under the trial version.

Reduce your startup programs:
Start/run and type MSCONFIG and enter,select startup and untick everything except your Firewall and av,leave any realtime antispyware scanner ticked.

How ram installed ?

  skidzy 21:46 08 Jul 2007

How much Ram is installed.

  X™ 22:34 08 Jul 2007

My dad got a PC for a friend with 1GB RAM. She got it repaired and when we looked at it it had 256MB. The repairers had stolen 768MB.

  joostin 23:26 08 Jul 2007

I took the hard drive out and was using a ICYBOX in work.PC world did the repair X hope they wouldnt nick it??.
skidzy downloaded the winaso i had 470 errors according to the claenaer im getting rid of them ten at a time at the mo as you said is that high and dodgy??.
It says on the side to speed up system do i click this too??

  Abi-Moore 23:30 08 Jul 2007

joostin,to speed up the winsao process take a note of/and deselect the areas with zero errors for repeat scans

  skidzy 23:31 08 Jul 2007

The error count is above normal joostin but nothing to worry about normally.

Wait till you have finished scanning and repairing,then reboot the system.
Once happy,then use Winaso to configure the speedup process,this can be restored if any problems.

  joostin 23:34 08 Jul 2007

Skidzy just had a flash up saying cannot be repaired send to ignore list do i click yes??

  skidzy 23:36 08 Jul 2007 may have a few of these.

I should mention,make sure your hidden files are NOT shown,Winaso may pick these up.

Windows XP

* Click Start.
* Open My Computer.
* Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
* Select the View Tab.
* Under the Hidden files and folders heading select Show hidden files and folders.
* Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option.
* Click Yes to confirm.
* Click OK.

  joostin 23:40 08 Jul 2007

Whats that about Skidzy?

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