computer shutting down or hanging up

  golfpro 09:50 16 Apr 2006

I’ve posted this problem on the forum before, but no one came up with an answer to my problem. I just hope there is someone out there who can help.
I have a four year old Compaq PC, running XP Home, with a 40gb hard disc, and 512mb ram. I have plenty of memory left.
Over the last year or so when I try to upload a music CD to my hard drive through Real Player or Media Player, it will function for maybe one and half CDs and then either hang up, or shut down and restart. I don’t have anything else running during the upload.
I don’t know where to look to remedy this so I hope someone can help, or maybe somebody else has had the same problem and fixed it.

  PC Bilbo 10:37 16 Apr 2006

Several things could be the cuase of this.It's onre of those things where you have to try a process of elimination.

First try going into Event Viewer via Administrative Tools in Control Panel and under Applications you should see a red error icon under Type column which will refer to system hang or crash with the date/time it ocurred.If you click on this it may give more info.

Other things to consider are ; driver/ progamme conflicts (particularly are graphics and sound drivers up to date),temperature rise,failing or inadequate power supply, faulty memory.

Sorry can't be more specific but answers to this type of problem are sometimes difficult to pin point.

You might ask yourself if this problem only started after you added new hardware or software.

Hope this gives some pointers.

  PC Bilbo 10:51 16 Apr 2006

Another thought.If you haven't already tried this,open the case and physically take out and reinstall things like memory sticks and graphics/sound cards just in case they are not seating properly. At least another thing eliminated.

  golfpro 17:02 16 Apr 2006

I had a look in the event viewer, and at the time it happend I had three red crosses, but the only information it gave was:
X Error sr 1
X Error acpi 4
X Error acpi 5

This has been happening a long time now so I can't remember if I had changed anything or not.
I do remember looking at the CPU once and it was between 90 and 100% on the upload

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