Computer shuts down to "safe to switch off"

  Nessie 21:09 01 Feb 2005

My sons PC always comes up with it is safe to switch off your computer. I just want it to switch off. Have checked power management settings and bios but can not find out how to change it. Any help would be great

  Dorsai 21:18 01 Feb 2005

The abililty for a PC to turn it's self off is fairly new, say 1-2 years at a guess. It may well be that the PC in question is not capable of doing it.

That is why the various versions of windows include an 'It is now safe to turn off your PC' message. The message is there for those PC's that can't turn off on their own.

If the PC is asking you to turn it off, it is almost certianly because it is not able to do it for you.

A pain, perhaps, but no more so than most other electric items, that require user intervention to turn off.

  HXP 21:20 01 Feb 2005

I have one machine win95 comes with the safe to switch off but it is a manual switch off

1 x win98 SE & 1 x XP turn themselves off.

What OS & age of machien are we talking about ?

I also think it might be down to the age of the motherboard and if it supports that feature.


  pj1664 21:23 01 Feb 2005

A notion to this I have the same problem yet my pc used to shut down itself when I was using win 98 but ever since I started using win XP I get the same message "Its safe to turn your computer off now" so its really nothing to do with how old your pc is but some sort of setting in the operating system that causes this. - My guess,

  pj1664 21:29 01 Feb 2005

Try this click here

  Nessie 21:34 01 Feb 2005

running xp pro and pc is self built in last 6 months with sytax sv266a.

  dan11 21:52 01 Feb 2005

I don't think this addresses your specific problem, but it may be of use for your board.
click here

  Spark6 23:30 01 Feb 2005

I don't think the problem is related to the age of your board. I built the machine I'm using at the moment using the Syntax SV266A board and it shuts down ok.

However, I have a Pentium 3/ Chaintech board which was ok on 98SE but brings up the 'safe to switch off' message on XP. Annoying isn't it?

Someone out there may have the solution!!!

  VoG II 23:33 01 Feb 2005

click here and scroll down to Powerdown Issues.

  Nessie 08:55 02 Feb 2005

Tick box in APM tab of power management area not ticked. When I ticked it it shut down fine. Thanks for all your help

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