Computer shuts down and restarts automatically

  Nero6 15:22 10 Oct 2010

When switched on but not in use, my computer shuts down and restarts automatically.
Help please!

  lotvic 16:21 10 Oct 2010

1. What pc do you have?
2. Operating System?
3. Any pattern to shutdown? (after set period of time etc)
4. Have you checked your Power Saving settings? (including hibernate, sleep etc)
5. Checked for over-heating? (fans working, inside of pc clean of dust and fluff)
6. All cables firmly in their sockets?
7. any error messages shown?
8. does it just restart back to the same screen that you were on before or is as if you had just booted up? (Windows loading up (to login screen if you have it set) from scratch before desktop shows)

  Nero6 16:42 10 Oct 2010

My Pc is a self build.

XP Home Edition Service Pack 3

No pattern as far as I can judge.

The Pc is set to Hibernate when the power button is pressed.

No overheating, Pc clean inside.

All cables firmly in sockets.

No error messages

After restart it is as if I had just booted up.

  lotvic 16:46 10 Oct 2010

hmmm will wait to see what others think it might be.

  woodchip 17:20 10 Oct 2010

check power settings in control panel, set everything to never turn off, then see if it still does. do not forget to click apply after making any changes

  Nero6 09:30 11 Oct 2010

No change!

  woodchip 10:07 11 Oct 2010

Check BIOS settings for anything that may be shutting it down

  johndrew 10:12 11 Oct 2010

How do you know it is not overheating? What temperature checking have you done?

Does it randomly restart during normal use?

You say the case is 'clean', have you recently cleaned it out?

  Nero6 16:02 11 Oct 2010


How do I check the BIOS settings?

  Nero6 16:03 11 Oct 2010


I have done no temperature checks but it is no hotter than it has ever been.

No it does not restart when in use.

I cleaned it out a few days ago.

  woodchip 17:17 11 Oct 2010

Depending on BIOS you just tap the correct key for PC when its starting. It may say on Black screen when starting up, what to press to enter Setup it could be Del or F1 or F2 my HP laptop is F10

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