computer shuts down

  howieb1971 12:49 15 Jan 2010

hi i have a computer that keeps shutting down everythime i go to update my ipod, i dont know if its graphics card or wot

please help???

  donki 14:55 15 Jan 2010

By any chance do you have an HP printer?

Has this always happened?

  donki 14:57 15 Jan 2010

Also whats your operating system, PC hardware etc? Sorry for double post.

  howieb1971 15:18 15 Jan 2010

hi its a pc and it runs windows xp with no printer connected

  donki 15:47 15 Jan 2010

Try reinstalling iTunes, remmeber not to delete your music library.

I take it you were able to sync your iPod previously? Have you changed any hardware recently i.e. saround when it stopped working?

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