Computer shut down randomly

  drew645 23:46 10 Aug 2006

My computer (Time computers) has begun to shut down completely at random times, but growing more frequent. The only clue is that the green light at the front continues to flash after shutdown. It will not restart immediatly, I have to wait several minutes.
I have removed all dust, fans seem to be ok. Of course I don't know if they may only be working occassionally, and thus allowing start-up. I have also changed the graphics card, but no improvement.
Any advice would be appreciated.

  sean-278262 23:48 10 Aug 2006

Could it be overheating? Motherboard monitor will help you to check on this. We are having quite a hot summer this year. What particular Time computer is it.

  Jak_1 00:29 11 Aug 2006

Could also be a PSU problem and needs replacing.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:39 11 Aug 2006

the fans can look and spin fine but if a AMD CPU fitted from factory then the Thermal soloution paste may have evaporated a lot over a period of years and the temp is rising rapidly from cold, the longer the machine is run then the shut down problem starts as the motherboard temp sensors the CPU to rise.

Then as Jak-1 says it could also be a Power supply issue, maybe a fault has devolped.

First would be to check the CPU and reseat applying new Thermal paste like Arctic Silver which is the best stuff, also if you have a AGP card fitted with a Cooling fan check that spins well.

Then check also the Fan in the rear of the PSU is spinning when powered on, shine a torch in while running but don't stick out through the PSU Grill.

  drew645 21:25 11 Aug 2006

Thanks to all, sorry for delay in responding. Problem seems to have disappeared, has been ok for 24 hours. Perhaps the change of graphics card had something to do with it. I noticed when the computer did start the fan on the graphics card was not spinning. (ATI Radeon) Perhaps it only spins when a graphic intensive task is being performed? It also has a heat sink.
The PSU is 550 so I am comfortably overpowered.The CPU is an Athlon 64 3000+, never given problems.
I'll see how it goes. I am now using an MX440 (my old card) and so far so good.
Cheers. If anyone can let me know whether the fan on the graphics card should or should not continually spin that would be appreciated.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:59 10 Sep 2006

Fan should always spin on the card. The second the computer is actually powered on to boot into windows the Graphics Card fan needs to spin as it get HOT.

The Radeon Fans are a pain to find replacment for.

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