Computer seized in hibernation mode

  stoner 18:07 13 Apr 2003

My Tiny 30gbhd, 700Mhz, 512AM Windows ME TeleWest Broadband, Webstar Cable Modem ZoneAlarm stopped responding to mouse, then keyboard, then seized in hibernation mode and now won't switch on at all.
Any ideas out there?

  Pesala 18:37 13 Apr 2003

Turn off hibernation and sleep functions. These are common problems with ME. Best way to save power is to turn the whole thing off and take a break.

What do you mean by won't switch on at all? Power switches have a four second delay. If it locked in hibernation mode, you may have to hold the button in for four seconds to switch it off. Then it should reboot OK.

  Paroxetine 18:37 13 Apr 2003

What were you doing before this oocured, was anything installed, was anything showing signs of damage, was there anything out the ordainary that was happening either visually or by operator?

Could be any number of things, I take it then the current state of play is that the PC is now redundant and that its not now being used at all. Does anything at all happen when power is applied such as beeps or PC noises in general or any error messages?

Post back and sure others if not me can pick up and sort you out some more.


  stoner 19:58 13 Apr 2003

I mean "won't switch on at all" however long you press the button for! One strange anomaly was that it would switch on (or at least partially boot) if I first took the plug out of the mains and then put it back in again. But it won't even do this now.
I wondered if there was some electrical incompatibility with the WebStar Modem! But it was all running SO smoothly before this all happened.

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