Computer seems to be dead

  wobblymike 23:29 17 Jul 2003

help - major problem, I was intending to fit a CDRW to my daughters PC, straightforward job you would think. Her machine runs 98 - HDD is connected to one IDE and CD ROM the other. I intended to connect the CDRW and the CD ROM to the same connector with the RW as master and the ROM as slave. I've done something weird because the computer would not boot, I went back to original config and now on switch on the HDD and the floppy are recognised, the CDROM is not and I get a message on scren saying Insert boot disc into media. Any ideas

  jazzypop 23:38 17 Jul 2003

The most likely causes are either drives set up wrongly (jumpers set to masters instead of slaves), incorrectly seated IDE cables, master / slave connected to the wrong connectors on an 80-wire IDE cable, or 'fussy' CD or CDRW drives (some insist on being set up as master).

Go back to square one. Disconnect all drives, check your HDD is jumpered as a slave, reconnect that HDD only. Ensure your IDE cable and power cable are fully seated on the drive, and the IDE cable is fully seated into the motherboard connection.

Boot up with that drive only. If you still get the 'Insert boot disc' message, go into the BIOS and set all drives as Autodetect, try again.

Once you have the HDD working, set the CDRW as Master, connect it to the second IDE cable, reboot. If that is OK, finally set the CD to Slave, connect it to either cable (try the same one as the CDRW first), and reboot.

Post back if you get stuck at any stage.

  jazzypop 23:39 17 Jul 2003

Big mistake - sorry - 2nd paragraph should read

"Go back to square one. Disconnect all drives, check your HDD is jumpered as a Master..."

  Diemmess 08:45 18 Jul 2003

As jazzypop says, but adding this thought.

If you have had to do some rearranging of data cables and sockets, please double check that you are using the correct end of the ribbon to fit into the motherboard and that you haven't put a twist into a cable so that pin 1 on each socket is not identical.............It is possible to make this mistake with some cables, and easy to do when your mind is buzzing with Master and Slave thoughts and panic takes over.

  -pops- 08:54 18 Jul 2003

Make sure also that all plugs are firmly seated in the places they are supposed to go both at the motherboard and device ends.


  Bodi 09:04 18 Jul 2003

Agree with all the above. When fitting new drives etc. into a computer, it is very easy, after disconnecting flatribbon cables, power leads etc. to reconnect them wrong way. - Can make your heart jump like an Olympic high jumper - but it is usually very simple to correct. <grin>

As previously advised, disconnect everything and start again.


  wobblymike 13:45 18 Jul 2003

Thank you all very much for your help, the problem is now resolved. I had two, yes two faulty cables from my store of cables, when the damn thing would not work I tried a new cable and it turns out that both it and a second onr I tried were faulty, proved this morning by fitting a brand new cable which fixed the problem and then refitting the other two cables just to prove it to myself - both failed to work - amazing. On top of this I somehow managed to trash the hard drive I have no idea how as I didn't touch it so I have reformatted and reinstalled Windows, all now works great. Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated.

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