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  freddy-firecracker 16:54 18 Mar 2007

I am thinking of selling my desktop Pc and use the money towards funding a Laptop.

My Pc spec is as follows:
3.2Ghz HT pentium 4
160gb H Drive
512 md Ram
256mb FX5200 Graphics
TV Tuner
1 DVD Rom Drive
1 DVD +-R/RW Drive
17 Inch TFT Monitor. I was thinking of a price between £300 - £350. Does this sound reasonable or am i cheating someone????

Any help would be appreciated.



  Diodorus Siculus 17:12 18 Mar 2007

Not sure if you will get what you are suggesting...

IS it a branded PC?

Does XP come as a restail / upgrade CD, and OEM or a restore disk?

What brand is the monitor?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:17 18 Mar 2007

Similar speed pentium processor on a motherboard with 512MB RAM: £120 from novatech

DVD Rom drive - £12

DVD RW - £18

17inch monitor less than £100

graphics card: £40

Hard disk: £50

Win XP OEM - £60

So people could put together a new PC with the same spec for about the same price and have a warranty.

If you can find a buyer, try to sell "as is" or you could end up having to do every repair required.

I'm not trying to put you off - good luck with the sale.

  terryf 17:19 18 Mar 2007

The only way you will find out what it is worth is by offering it for sale because in the end, it is only worth what some-one is prepared to pay and how you find that some-one depends on how you market it, what form of advertising you use. Difficult question to answer, have you tried a google for 'second hand computers'?

  skidzy 17:34 18 Mar 2007

With the bargains out there at places like PC World and Dell and Dell offering 3 years warranty on some systems,i think you may find it hard to get your £350.

Realisticly i would think £250 would be the best offer you get,however i know it can be heartbreaking when you spend so much time and money upgrading your system to be told its worth less than you thought.
Thats where Dell and PC World hold the market mim afraid.Not to mention places like Ebuyer/Novatech...the list goes on.

As Terryf has pointed out,the system is only worth what someone will be willing to pay.

Have a look on Ebay to see what your specs go for,im guessing around £250-£300

I sold a XP sp2 system with 17in tft/ pentium 4 2.6 ghz cpu /512mb ram/ with recovery/restore disc last week for £100 though maybe could have got a little more.

Sorry if this sounds a little downbeat and wish you the best in your sale.

  Diemmess 18:29 18 Mar 2007

You just might get the lower figure with an ad in your local evening paper.

To put it brutally, some un-knowing folk seeing all that for so little, might bite your hand to buy

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:49 18 Mar 2007

£200 tops and more likely £150. Dell are flogging computers/Vista/19"TFT/1Gb RAM for £329.


  freddy-firecracker 19:43 19 Mar 2007


Thanks for the advice, i think i'll try and sell it to someone for as much as i can.

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