Computer running very slow (XP)

  m800afc 21:32 22 Jul 2010

Windows XP Pro SP3; ASRock 775VM800; Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM
Radion 9700 Pro Radion 9700 Pro (Secondary)
Monitor 1 - BenQ2400W (Landscape) Monitor 2 - BenQ2400W (Portrait)

I have had my computer several years, and it has been periodically upgraded to the extent that I think the only original part is the case. I understand the protocol of only posting one problem at a time, but I think there may be a link to these problems.

Firstly, the computer has been dreadfully slow the last couple of weeks. I have used the following to try to "Clean up" my system: AVG Free, Windows Advanced System Care, CCleaner, Spyware Blaster, Super Anti-Spyware, Hijack This, AshampooWinoptimizer 6, Malwarebytes, Spybot and A Squared. I used each one independantly, installing, running and uninstalling after use, to ensure no conflicts. Apart from the usual cookies, and unused file types nothing of note was turned up.

Secondly, all of the games I have will run for a few minutes and then the computer will freeze. Non of the games are the big commercial ones, rather they are simple match three and hidden object games, of the type that are on Give Away Of The Day. All of the games ran perfectly until the computer started slowing.

Lastly, when I open a folder, the icons briefly flash in the folder, and then disappear. Several minutes later the correct icons appear in the correct place. I have checked the icon cache, and it is at the maximum 8000ish.

Having poked around t'interweb I have discovered that it may me a memory leak, or a RAM problem, or overheating etc.
I have checked the fans are all working, and there is no dust blocking up the vents. I have used SIW to monitor internal temperatures, and they are all within the normal range.

Is there a way of fixing these, perhaps unrelated, problems or could this accumulation of problems be the death knell of my system?

  MAT ALAN 21:42 22 Jul 2010

click here

memtest... a good place to start

  T0SH 22:03 22 Jul 2010

Almost certainly it will be loaded down with programs running at startup ,drive indexing running flat out,file fragmentation on an almost full hard drive, to name but a few

Like a car regular maitainance is usually the answer

Cheers HC

  m800afc 17:04 23 Jul 2010

Mat Alan
Thanks for the link. Following the recommended settings for memtest I am running side by side simultaneous memtests. At the moment one is 1322.6% coverage, 0 errors, the other is 1324.9% coverage, 0 errors. I ran the tests overnight.

You are quite right, it will be somewhat slower because of the things you mention. Fortunately my start up is quite frugal with only the absolute minimum used to get up and running. I backup and defrag regularly, and erase unused cluster tips using Eraser.

I have tried using system restore, but it has no effect on the above issues.

  woodchip 17:12 23 Jul 2010

Now if you had bought Acronis True Image and had a old Image to put back. You problem would have been over by now. Unless its a Hardware Problem. That's the Point of Backups, not just for if the Computer goes BOOM

  woodchip 17:13 23 Jul 2010

Me thinks you will need to do a Fresh Install, would be quicker in the long run then Create a Image with the Above when its working at 100% ok

  m800afc 17:31 23 Jul 2010


I have backups using Acronis and they don't work. I have a clone of the drive, but the clone may well have the faults within it. I have done a repair install of XP Pro and SP3. Have not solved the probs yet. I still don't know whether it is a software or hardware problem, or even both.

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