Computer running slow again

  Foxy Loxy 19:52 24 Aug 2005

I ran crap cleaner OK then put Spybot search and destroy on. The blue line progress got about half way across then an error box "The parameter is not correct" (I couldn't see for sure whether it had detected any problems) But when I clicked the "OK" or the X in the corner, it would not go. Eventually I had to end it. I've tried this twice and it does the same each time. Can anyone dig me out please?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 24 Aug 2005

Does it update?

  Jackcoms 20:28 24 Aug 2005

Have you got the latest version (1.4) of Spybot?

  woodchip 20:36 24 Aug 2005

Check for Virus

  Foxy Loxy 22:36 24 Aug 2005

Diodorus Siculus, Not sure what you mean by update but it won't let me do anything at all after the error box appears.
Jackcoms, I think I've got 1.2 version. Can you please direct me to the latest?
Woodchip. I have AVG. Should that be OK, or what do you suggest.
Thanks to all for your efforts so far.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:39 24 Aug 2005

When you start spybot there is an otpion to update it to latest definitions and version. Choose the option to check for update.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:44 24 Aug 2005

click here

for a pic!

  VoG II 23:08 24 Aug 2005

Latest version

  VoG II 23:09 24 Aug 2005
  woodchip 23:28 24 Aug 2005
  Foxy Loxy 09:26 25 Aug 2005

That seems better thank you. I updated spybot and it found and fixed 23 items last night. I'm running Housecall now thanks Woodchip. I shall go to the latest version after this thanks VoG.

Last night I did Start > run, msconfig and unticked ALL boxes, then did maintenance wizard overnight.

This morning, when I started up, AVG update file download did its stuff and I can tell it's running leaner and faster, thanks.

But I think I'm still carrying deadwood that's slowing me down (I have 14 or 15 icons on the task bar). The problem is I don't know which I can untick but which must be left for start up. I have unticked a couple of boxes, including the recently-installed Skype which I haven't got to grips with yet, but I'm not sure how ruthless I can afford to be. Can anyone please tell me what can safely be removed and what's the minimum that must stay. I think that might sort me out. Thanks for all that has been achieved so far.

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