computer running slow

  farmboy 10:17 13 Nov 2004

Sometimes my computer runs that slow i have to switch the thing off, i have xp, adaware, spybot, spysweeper, norton internet security. I always clean the rubbish off my computer. Also i run regsupreme, disk cleanup, system utilities 2004 1 button checkup, and disk defrag.

I have about 50 % of hd space left, and i have 512mb ram, and intel pentium 4 2.66. I also run aol computer checkup.

Regular checkups tell me i have a fast system, with no problems.

But after all this, sometimes my computer runs as if it was a 300mhz computer, and 32 mb ram.

Any idea what could be doing this ?


  Graham ® 10:23 13 Nov 2004

When it is running slow, bring up Task Manager, Processes to see what's using the CPU.

Also, take some programs out of the Startup menu (Start, Run, msconfig) to see which is causing the slow-down.

  farmboy 10:33 13 Nov 2004

I have 16 programs running in the startup menu, but i know what they are, and they are needed.

Also when i run task manager, it brings up aload of programs which are using memory, but i do not know what half of these are, as they are something like dft.exe. How do you find out what program is doing what?

with system utilities 2004, in the optimize computer option it tells me that there is a program running in the background that is using a unusual amount of memory, it is the NTLOGON.exe program, which is using a high amount of memory.

I have tryed stopping this program but was advised that this is an important system file, and could cause problems if i stop it


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:53 13 Nov 2004

You may care to have a read through here


  VoG II 10:56 13 Nov 2004

ntlogon.exe click here

Try a scan with a² click here

  farmboy 09:07 14 Nov 2004

I have read these, but it is a bit brain numbing, can someone simplify this for me

i have downloaded a2 and it found two malware programs, but i would not say it has speeded things up yet


  Graham ® 10:42 14 Nov 2004

Did you turn off System Restore before running a²?

  farmboy 10:45 14 Nov 2004

no i did not

  Graham ® 10:49 14 Nov 2004

You need to turn off System Restore as the malware will still reside in there.

Start, right click My Computer, Properties, System Restore.

Check the box 'Turn off', Apply, OK.

Scan again, don't forget to turn SR back on.

  farmboy 10:51 14 Nov 2004

thnx, will do, i guess this it true, when running adaware, spybot, etc

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