Computer restarts and freezes auto- virus?

  YinHoNg 20:16 12 Oct 2004

My computer keeps restarting randomly; sometimes it just freezes. this is a very common thing for my comp right now.

I recently got a virus- i reinstalled windows and overwrote the old partition and created a new one- would this have gotten rid of any virus on my sys?

I have a feeling it is my mcafee internet security suite- is it possible an antivirus program may have a virus itself?

  YinHoNg 20:30 12 Oct 2004

It happenned again- this time i sent error report and got this back:

click here

But i dont know what to do now. How do i fix it?

  Taw® 21:28 12 Oct 2004

YinHoNg sounds like a driver problem make sure you have updated your drivers. What os? If xp have you installed sp2? I had a similar fault problem turned out to be that my graphics card was faulty. It can slo be your BIOS needs flashed, keep bumping your thread and you will get some good advice to follow.
click here some info on this may help as well

  YinHoNg 23:51 15 Oct 2004

I noticed that in my startup(msconfig), i saw a program that was named:
dumprep 0 -k
and it was in
%systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k.

There is actually two of them. could this be a dangerous file or something?

Is it possible that my computer has been hacked because the restarts absolutely random. I feel as though someone's controlling my computer.
I do have Zonealarm and mcafee security centre.

finally, if i was to format my hard drive and then reinstall windows, would this wipe of any virus that has not been detected AND also restrict any existing hacker to any more access?

  powerless 23:58 15 Oct 2004

The dumprep 0 -k is Windows Error reporting tool wanting to send a report back as to why your system restarted.

** finally, if i was to format my hard drive and then reinstall windows, would this wipe of any virus that has not been detected AND also restrict any existing hacker to any more access? **

Yup to the virus and format.

But umm you would still have to protect yourself from the "hacker" - but don't get caught up in that.

Did you update your graphics drivers?

  YinHoNg 00:41 16 Oct 2004

yeh updated my graphics driver. Stuff was a little better, but computer still freezing and restarting.

is there anythign else i can do?

I've actually already reinstalled windows recently so i dont know if that'll make a difference. is mcafee a good virus protector?

  YinHoNg 00:26 17 Oct 2004

The computer is not restarting so much now, but freezing a lot. i'm thinking about reinstalling windows again but don't know if this will be worth it. i've already done it once already and it hasnt made a big difference.

How do i format my hard drive?

  Taw® 02:12 17 Oct 2004

with the freezing issue I can relate the fix for me was a BIOS flash always the last resort but for me worked

  YinHoNg 22:23 19 Oct 2004

How do i do this bios flash then?
Is it complicated and what are the main problems?
Also, if i get something wrong, is it disasterous? Would there be any way to return it to its previous form?

The restarting has nearly fully stopped but the computer is now freezing quite a bit.

I have a NVIDIA TNT2 RIVA MODEL64/64PRO card. Where is the latest driver for this?

I searched on the nvidia site but it had one dl for the TNT2 and one for the RIVA!!!! which one should i dl?

  Taw® 23:04 19 Oct 2004

RIVA is fr the 128 128ZX so you want the TN2 driver as for BIOS flash, by the tone of your questioning (in that you do not seem to sure) I would leave the BIOS flash to someone with better knowledge in this area as you could end up with a puter that does not work

  YinHoNg 23:09 19 Oct 2004

But i want the computer to stop freezing and i don't know anybody who has time to do it.

I think i'll look at the 'how-to-do-it' just to see anyway.

So how do i update the bios?

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