Computer restarting - again

  tarmac 17:31 03 Jun 2007


A few weeks ago, I posted a message like this one on this site, saying that whenever I played a game on my computer, it would restart. It would keep doing this every day. The people who answered me said that I needed to clean my computer, ie dust in the tower. I did this, and it stopped restarting, for about a day. It has kep restarting ever since.

It is now getting to the point of me stressing about it. Is there any way anyone can help me with my computer problem?

My computer is a Windows XP, with a NVidia Geforce 5600 graphics card.



  wee eddie 18:04 03 Jun 2007

Can you put a link in to the previous thread, it'll save us asking a lot of questions

click here

Is this it?

We need to know more about the PC and the Game you are trying to play.

Who made it, which processor, how much RAM, size and how full the Hard Drive, which version of the Game,

  mocha 22:46 03 Jun 2007

To add to what wee eddie has said, computer games push the CPU and Graphic Card to the limit, creating heat. This can lead to the computer turning itself off to protect the CPU/Graphics Card.

You could try downloading this program click here and do a full(soak) test and see what results you get.

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