Computer Restart Probs.

  slimbo51 08:07 03 Aug 2006

Got a strange fault on one of my comps.
Suspect its a hardware fault rather than software.

On shutting the comp down it behaves normally, but after about 2 seconds goes to reboot itself.

Sometimes it will stay shut off after attemping the reboot, and other times it will continue to do a full load of Op/Sys.

Only just recently started to this, been running fine for about 2yrs.

System on a Abit AN7 Board with a 2600+ mobile proc.

Wondered if it could be a suspect PSU causing this.

Any sugestions or help please.

  slimbo51 08:14 03 Aug 2006

Sorry forgot to add Op/Sys is XP Pro.

  rawprawn 08:14 03 Aug 2006

click here see if this throws any light on your problem.

  slimbo51 08:20 03 Aug 2006

Strickly speaking my title is wrong, It should be shut down prob rather than Restart prob.

Read the site you sugested, rather general info than specific answers.

Many thanks for link Rawprawn.

  VoG II 09:02 03 Aug 2006
  xania 09:05 03 Aug 2006

This is almost certainly NOT hardware related, but software. Hardware would stop it starting up not force it to start up. The MS support is full of shut down problems and the steps you might want to take to find the problem. I suspect your operating system has become damaged - not unusual after 2 years regular use. Frankly, I would't bother to find the problem - I'd take the opportunity to do a fresh installation.

However, there are a couple of things to try if you can't reinstall:

1. Open Windows in Safe Mode (F8 just before the Windows logo screen appears) - this itself could fix the problem as loading in safe mode does a certian amount of automatic repair. Once it has completely loaded, reboot normally and see if this has solved the problem.

2. Load up Windows normally then, with your installation CD in the drive, run SFC /scannow and allow the system to repair itself.

3. Boot-up the PC with the installation CD in the drive and accept the option to repair an existing installation.

4. If still no joy then a reinstallation is required.

Note that if you only have a repair CD and not an original Windows OS CD, options 2 & 3 will probably not be available to you.

  slimbo51 09:26 03 Aug 2006

Many thanks for replies.

Did a clean install yesterday to see if this was prob,wasn't I'm afraid.

Did a SFC after loading all drivers.

Have just put another PSU a couple of minutes ago, will post back in 5 min after trying it.


  slimbo51 09:42 03 Aug 2006

Another PSU seems to have cured the prob.

Just done 3 starts and shutdowns, all working correctly with no attempt at reboot.

Shows the difference between quality of Power Supply units.

Old PSU--400w suppling 13a on 12v line.(Faulty)
New PSU--300w " " 14a on 12v line.

Goes back to other posts about using good quality PSU's.

Will put old one on Scope later, to check output pulse on start signal. Will still bin it after test though.

Many thanks to all for good sugestions.

  rupie 10:12 03 Aug 2006

when I work on my computer I have 2 displays set at 1280x1024 and extend the desktop over the 2. This means I can have explorer open on 1 and other things on the other. The background image on my desktop is repeated on each monitor.How can I get 1 image to be accross both ?

  slimbo51 10:16 03 Aug 2006

Don't know answer to your prob, you need to start a new thread to get the right answer.

I only work with the H/Ware side, have other people to do S/Ware.

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