Computer resetting after loading XP

  nar 09:56 18 Nov 2005

Help needed!! Don’t know what to do.
This is regards my 3rd self build computer that was previously running for a month with no issues.
Last night I switched on my computer and when it got to the windows screen (with the icons) and it reset itself. After several tries o got it working for a couple of minutes to find that avast had found a virus that was spreading through my computer like wildfire. Any attempts to access programmes caused the programme to reset. I got check disk to work but it didn’t find any errors. At this point I decided to reset the hard drive.
After a full format at restart it seemed to work fine. But it is now doing the same and resetting at windows. After 3-4 resets it will be fine and I can use it fine and it runs programmes no problem. I’ve run memtest and it doesn’t detect any issues. Please help me find what’s going on. I have

Window xp home
Seagate 160g hdd
Antec neopower 480w
AMD 64 3000
Leadtek Winfast 6600gt extreme
Foxxcon winfast NF4K8AC motherboard
2x Crucial 512mb 3200 memory.
All are running at stock speeds and all are connected properly and the temps on mobo say 28 at startup

All drivers are up to date and loaded from the internet. The bios is the original.

I have loaded in terms of programmes.

AVG virus
The Nvidia firewall
Winfast 2
Zonelabs firewall

The windows blue screen seems to be a lot shorter than normal
Avast said the virus was a trojan but cant remember the name.
After starting in safe mode and running checks no problems are found.
I think I may have an issue with my motherboard what ca nu suggest.
I really don’t know what to do next can you help!!

  Skyver 10:01 18 Nov 2005

Why 2 firewalls? Does it ever reset if you load in safe mode a few times? Or if you select Safe Mode with Network Support? Any unusual entries in your MSConfig startup tab?

  nar 10:04 18 Nov 2005

Erm not too sure really. Its a fresh setup and i havnt played at all with the reg. to be honest ive only loaded safemode once and it didnt but as i said it does load normally and is fine sometimes.

  Skyver 10:08 18 Nov 2005

I'd disable or remove Zonealarm for the time being, just to lessen the number of variables.

  Skyver 10:13 18 Nov 2005

Also go to Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup & Recovery, click Settings, uncheck "Automatically Restart" - you'll get a chance to see what error message the BSOD displays.

  nar 10:28 18 Nov 2005

sorry can i ask what the BSOD is?

  Skyver 10:34 18 Nov 2005

sorry. Blue Screen Of Death...not something I just made up :) click here

  nar 11:28 18 Nov 2005

Is it still possible that it is a software issue even though i have completly reset the system?

  Skyver 11:32 18 Nov 2005

It's unlikely, except for the two firewalls conflicting. You could try checking the HD with the Seagate diagnostics available at their site.

  nar 12:09 18 Nov 2005

which one would be best windows, zonelabs or nvidia firewall

  Skyver 12:12 18 Nov 2005

I believe the Nvidia one is less of a drain on resources seeing as it's written specifically for the chipset and interface, but I couldn't tell you which is more `effective` - it just comes down to which you prefer using.

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