Computer refuses to start with new mobo

  COUCHER 00:10 12 Feb 2003

Further to my question about memory compatibility on a new mobo I went ahead and got a new one. An MSI KTV3-L and 512 mega of DDR memory. I also had to get a new graphics card.I installed this lot along with modem sound card and 1giga AMD athlone CPU. On start-up all went well and I got everything up and running, until I decided to run the driver disk that came with the board, to install the diagnostics drivers the do the auto download of upgrade Bios etc.. Again all went well till it came to the auto restart of the PC. First it got as far as the desktop,with nothing loaded and froze. I pressed the reset button as ctrl-alt-del didn't work and now it won't start at all. It doesn't even get as far as starting the monitor. There is a D-Bracket with diagnostic LED lights that now show it can't find any memory.
I did try clearing CMOS but I've had to go back to my old mobo to get here so haven't had chanch to see if that clears it.. Help... has anyone any ideas. Hopefully THANKS Dan

  Gongoozler 09:22 12 Feb 2003

COUCHER, from what you say, I suspect that there is a memory problem. Do you get any POST beeps? If you don't then it is probably something else and you'll have to remove the plug-in cards drives etc to see if you can find what is preventing the boot up. However the diagnostics point to a memory problem, so if you have more than one stick of memory try only one of them. Also try removing and reseating the memory and polishing the contacts on the memory card with a clean cloth. You could also try running the memory at a slower clock rate if one is available. To do this you may need to reset your BIOS.

  MartinT-B 09:28 12 Feb 2003

SOMETIMES, and only sometimes your temp folder gets too full when installing.

I tries to install NSW2003 6 times, and used to hang on restart every time. Eventually I found out about the overfull Temp folder

When putting adding programs, drivers etc. to a new set-up it pays to clear your temp folder after every successful install/update.

This may not be your solution, but try it.

click here

  Ben Avery (Work) 09:53 12 Feb 2003

Process of elimination would be your best bet if gongoozler's suggestion does not work (which I'm sure that it will!).

Take out ALL of your PCI cards and put in the bare essentials, e.g. 1 stick of memory, graphics card etc. if it boots, great, add another stick of memory - memory is VERY temperamental so it has to be seated properly, even the pro's sometimes need to put it in more than once to seat in correctly! Thing to watch out for it the mobo bowing, it needs to be supprted well or the memory will click in on both sides but may not be seated properly in the centre.

After that you can start adding your PCI cards, but if at any point putting in the memory, you find that it stops working, it may well be a duff memory stick.


  COUCHER 11:09 12 Feb 2003

THANKS to all for the above. I have only one memory stick a 512MHz DDR which I got from "CRUCIAL" (Who will be my next line of enquiry). The board has a back-plate with an extra USB socket and four LED lights that give different diagnostics in different combinations.. First four red lights show power ON, second three red and one green show early chipset initialization, third one green and three red (A different combination)Quote, "Memory detection test" - "Testing onboard memory size". "The D-LED lights will hang if the memory module is damaged or not installed properly". This is whats happening, even before the monitor switches on, so the problem is how do I get to BIOS or safe mode if it hangs before it gets to start anything aven the monitor? As I have no access to another board that uses DDR how can I test the memory stick. I will try reinstalling the board starting with the bare minimum. But why did it work then suddenly stop The $64,000 question. Answer "It's a computer"!!
I'll be back to let you know how I got on. (Hopefully on the new board)>>>

  Gongoozler 14:20 12 Feb 2003

COUCHER, you can't get into "Safe mode", because that is a Windows mode and you haven't got as far as loading Windows. You can reset the BIOS to the default "safe" settings. There should be a link to do this. All it does is to effectively remove the battery, and manually removing the battery for a minute or so is another way of doing the same thing. Your other question "But why did it work then suddenly stop?". In electronics reliability there is what is known as the "Bathtub curve". The most likely time for equipment to fail is when it is new and manufacturing faults are making themseves known. The components will over a short time settle into a long run of few faults until they reach old age (like me), and then faults will again start to become more frequent.

If resetting the BIOS doesn't work, tell Crucial about your problem, I understand that they are very helpful.

  woodchip 14:30 12 Feb 2003

Have you made shure that the memory is seated properly

  COUCHER 15:23 13 Feb 2003

Thanks to all of you for the trouble you went to ,to help me I will post another thank you and an explaination of what I did to resolve the prob at the relevant date i.e. Thurs 14.02 with luck. By the way gongoozler I'm nearly 60 so you can't be THAT OLD!!!

  woodchip 15:33 13 Feb 2003

One hear 67

  Gongoozler 16:36 13 Feb 2003

Hi COUCHER. Good to see you sorted your problem. You are now officially an "expert". I'm a year ahead of you - 61 next month and took early retirement 3 years ago, but old age is a state of mind, and exercising the grey cells on this forum keeps them working.

  COUCHER 16:48 13 Feb 2003

Thanks it makes me feel good to know I'm the youngster of the group. Good luck from Radcliffe , Manchester..

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