Computer reboots during virus scan

  Newuser40 20:53 20 Jun 2005

Every time I perform a system scan on Norton AV the system crashes and reboots. This has also happened during file erasing when I accessed another program at the same time. The error log has indicated the following problems: "The server's configuration parameter irpstack size is too small for the server to use a local device. Please increase the value of this parameter. Also "The IP address lease for the network card has been denied by the DHCP server (the DHCP server sent a DHPCNACK message" DCOM got error %1084 attempting to start the service event system with arguments (lists numbers)"; Also "DCOM got error attempting to start the service Symantec COre LC with aruments "-Sevice" in order to run the server. My operating system is XP Home, and I run Norten Security v.4
Does anyone have any ideas?

  Indigo 1 07:30 21 Jun 2005

Personally speaking, I would dump Norton in favour of one of the many other free A/V progs available, Norton seems to cause more problems than all the other A/V progs put together.

If uninstalling Norton and running a different prog doesn't solve the problem then you have to look a bit harder.

Download any or all of the following before you uninstall Norton but don't run more than one at a time and remeber to not go online without an up to date Anti-Virus program installed.



NOD32 this is my personal favourite at the moment.

  Completealias 15:05 21 Jun 2005

You could also try running the scan in safe mode and see if the same prob occurs

I agree with the statements about norton thou it is resource hungry and not the best a/v app out there I had had it miss a trojan on my comp which AVG picked up, I now use avast which has never given me any problems

  zarobian 16:52 21 Jun 2005

What Operating System. Is it Win98 SE?

  bretsky 16:58 21 Jun 2005

How long have you had this problem and are you on a network or is your PC a stand alone?

bretsky ;0)

  epicurus 17:25 21 Jun 2005

Hi All
Had this problem running AVG scan to see if I had sasser virus. Kept rebooting when it got to a certain file. Think the virus causes the system to crash, something to do with exploiting the lsass.exe (windows system) vulnerability. Also used to crash the comp when browsing etc.
Used the fixsasser.exe tool, followed the instructions. Now all TB (tickety-boo)
Using fixsasser or virus scan in safe mode is a good idea as someone suggested.
I agree about Norton. I use AVG and ZoneAlarm for firewall.
Good luck

  Newuser40 18:35 21 Jun 2005

Will try alternative virus programs, but already tried the Trend free online checker which caused the same problem. Also tried defragging, as I am not convinced this is a virus problem, but the same thing happened. Crash and reboot had also occured recently when using Sure Delete and then operating another program whilst it was working. I resolved that issue, but am wondering if this has caused some sort of file corruption.

  feb 09:29 07 Jul 2005

Hi Newuser40

Have you managed to solve this problem?

  Newuser40 23:32 11 Jul 2005

I have not yet solved my rebooting problem during visur scans with Norton security 2004. However, rebooting also occurs when more than one application is running at a time; for eg. when burning a new cd whiost playing music, or erasing files at the same time as using media player. Could this be a corrupt file, or a memory problem?

  Completealias 23:51 11 Jul 2005

Could be right click on my computer and then properties on the advance tab click the button in the startup and recovery box see if there is a tick in the automatically restart box if there is take the tick out.

I suggest this as it could be a problem with windows and it is restarting to sort itself out. If this stops the restarts then you'll know the reason why it keeps restarting and will have to find the cause.

  Newuser40 07:39 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice re automatic restart- I have tried this. However, I don't think it will solve the cause of the problem, as I ran a virus scan in safe mode, and Norton stopped after a short time saying that it was unable to continue the scan because of a critical error. Knowledge base suggested clearing the temp files, but so far have been unable to do this, because windows says files are in use. Still some way to go, I think.

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