computer rebooting again help please

  dazzling 21:45 12 Jun 2004

my friends computer is reebooting everytime it gets to the windows xp welcome screen i thought id sorted it when i disabled onboad graphics as he has a crystal fusion sound card aswell but its started boots in a loop continouslly even pressing the reset button doesent help but eventually it boots into windows.once its in windows its fine no errors locking up or anything and you can reboot it shut it down no problems.but when its been left for a few hours the problem reoccurs.this started a while ago so i went to reinstall xp pro and it told me it could not format the disk as it was damaged.ran fdisk which said bad sectors on hard drive so i changed hard drive and installed xp no was ok untill switched of overnight next day kept rebooting thats when i disabled on board sound.okay again loaded programs backed up everything day rebooting again.stable once in windows but reboots at least 5-6 times.various windows error messages stating recoverd from serious error but never the same file name twice has been ntfs.sys smc various others.dont know what to do next could it be a ram fault or possibly a driver fault? athlon xp 1600 ecs k7s5a motherboard 256 ddr 2100 maxtor 80gb crystal fusion soundcard geforce 2 mx 200 graphics.cheers for any help darren

  Irishman 00:12 13 Jun 2004


  Sharpamatt 06:35 13 Jun 2004

could be anything from overheating to a major virus, have you run ckdisk ?

Also do you have the old H/D still installed? if so set it as slave and try to format useing win O/S

  dazzling 11:31 13 Jun 2004

brand new harddrive old one gone.checked for virus none found. cpu temp48 system 36 seems havent run ckdisk how do you do that.fdisk reports no errors on hard drive.darren

  Irishman 11:41 13 Jun 2004

My Computer-right click on C-left click on properties-select tools. Check all the power supply connections. It might be worthwhile trying to run the computer with as little hardware as possible fitted, ie no graphics card, no scanner/printer,one stick of ram etc. Then try it. If you have a spare power supply swap it over.

  dazzling 11:48 13 Jun 2004

triedthe power connectors seem fine no scanner or printer installed only one stick of ram.if i have no graphics card monitor wont work will it and wont know whats happening.darren

  Fullywired 12:00 13 Jun 2004

i had major problems with that motherboard! its cheap crap! eventually after about 18 months it went and took my proscessor with it! right click my computer, click properties, that hardware then go into divice manager to look for conflicts, if not try boot up in safe mode and uninstall programs until it stops rebooting
hope this helps

  dazzling 23:42 13 Jun 2004

all of thedrivers that came with it were win 2000 i thought this might be the problem maybe if i flashed the bios and installed xp drivers it will be okay.if it is the motherboard can any one sugest a reasonbly cheap replacement to go with the other bits.cheers darren

  dazzling 10:46 14 Jun 2004


  dazzling 23:39 14 Jun 2004

the saga continues since yesterday could not boot into xp at i decided to have another go at installing xp put in known good cdrom and ide cable xp formatted drive and started to load.when it got to the end of loading the files it told me it was unable to load some files press enter to try again or f3 to quit.i have seen this error before and it turned out to be faulty i shut it down took ram out an reseated it and tried again.this time it loaded all the files and then said setup cannot set the required windows xp configuration information this indicates an internal setup error.i think it may be the ram but cant be sure its not the motherboard can i put the ram in the next row or does it need to be in the first slot just to see before my friend has to shell out for some ram he may not need.darren

  hugh-265156 00:27 15 Jun 2004

can you start up in safe mode ok as suggested above? if so its a software problem more than likely.

if you cannot get it to start in safe mode then it could be a hardware problem. may not be but try this first anyway.

if you can start in safe mode ok then next try 'last known good configuration' from the menu maybe.

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