Computer Rebooting

  mikejd1972 01:50 15 Jun 2004

I installed some RAM on thursday last week, the Crucial website guaranteed it would be compatible, however, since then my computer has rebooted 3 times. The most recent 2 being tonight, I checked the Event viewer and this is the apparent reason:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.

Source: Save Dump, Event ID: 1001

Is this anything to do with the memory?


  hugh-265156 02:19 15 Jun 2004

hi mikejd1972 first make sure windows is all up to date click here and scan for and install anything listed as critical or security related.then as suggested before try this:

click start/control panel/system/advanced/start up and recovery/settings and untick 'automatically restart' apply and ok.

next time it goes belly up you will get a usefull error displayed instead of a restart.

note any error down as its displayed on screen exactly and then look it up using 'search Kb' box click here

  hugh-265156 02:25 15 Jun 2004

may also be useful (probally not though:-)) click here

try the above first

  mikejd1972 08:07 15 Jun 2004

Cheers huggyg71, my computer was up to date with security etc, changed the setting so it doesnt automatically reboot, now I will have to wait until the problem happens again to get the error message. i suspect it may be something to do with the memory installed since the problem has occured only since I have installed new ram sticks, strange since I made doubly sure they were compatible, making sure that that they were the same configuration as the previous sticks, only each being 512 instead of 256!

See how goes!

  mikejd1972 19:28 16 Jun 2004

Contacted Crucial who made the memory. They emailed a link to the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool click here.
saved this to a floppy disc and rebooted the computer, this runs automatically. Unfortunately it found some errors in the extended test (ERAND errors), though it only found them when I had both memory sticks plugged in, testing each one separately found no errors! I rang Crucial today and they said that its normal since I use dual channel memory architecture - the errors would only show up when both memory sticks are plugged in! two new ones are already in the post.

Quite a useful tool! click here
above is the link to microsofts instructions for using it.


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