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  Musicalkat 17:24 18 May 2009

Just a quick on as I've already picked your brains on graphics cards and power needed....

I'm running a HP P4 with the 250 watt PSU that came with it.
Since I've had it I've upgraded a bit.
Spec is:

HP Pavillion
P4 2.8Ghz (Motherboard Socket 478 ASUS P4SD-LA PES)
2 GB Ram (MAX)
1 x IDE 160 GB HDD
1 x SATA 250 GB HDD
2 x CDRW/DVDRW Drives
1 x Nvidia 6200 AGP (Will upgrade to better AGP card with when PSU is better)
1 x M-Audio Delta 44 Audio card
6 USB outputs (Mouse/keyboard, external hard drive, midi keyboard,printer etc)

My current PSU is a 250 watt Bestec (Model ATX-250-12v Rev C1)

HP have tried to tell me that I can only put a 350 watt replacement PSU in my tower........I don't feel this is right though. I understand that your computer will only use what it needs......besides, I ran an online calculater and it siad that I was already pushing my system to 264 watts...

Sooo, anyhow. If I can (and if HP are wrong) I'm looking for a 500 watt PSU I reckon.

My question/advice request would be, do modern day PSUs have the older connections that I need above?
Is there anything I should be watching out for or can anyone recommend me a PSU?

Plus, are HP pulling my leg here telling me I can't go higher??

Thanks again for helping little knowledge can sometimes get me into trouble...



  woodchip 17:44 18 May 2009

Check dimensions of the old PSU, then look for one with same size but bigger Watts. I think it will be a Normal PSU four screws round Fan at the back holding the PSU in

  citadel 22:00 18 May 2009

eg. if a computer draws 400w and you put a 1000w psu in it will still draw 400w. your motherboard may have a 20 pin connector and a 4 pin connector for power, check the spec of each psu you look at for 20+4 and 4+4 as these fit older and newer boards that 24 and 8 connectors.
modular psu's are easy to fit as you only connect the cables you need. something like the 500w coolermaster silent pro.

  MAT ALAN 22:10 18 May 2009

click here

The Hiper 580 (me got one of these) is without a doubt a superb piece of equipment apart from the build quality and more connections than you will EVER need, it is virtually silent...

My Machine runs an AGP set up SO as long as the dimensions are the same as your existing one it should be a serious contender...

  Musicalkat 10:04 19 May 2009

Thanks guys! All sorted now!


Kat :)

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