Computer power up problem

  mbjb 10:00 14 Jul 2006

My comp has been having a problem over the last week where as i turn it on it shuts down after about one second.I switch on,the fans whirr into life then it goes off.When i switch it off at the mains then turn on a second time everything is normal.Its happened three times now and i have done all the usual diagnostic things like checking the motherboard for burn marks and checked the capacitors for bulging and there are no burning smells either.Disconnected everything connected to the board and cleaned them and reconnected so ive done everything i can to rectify the problem.Could it be one of the cooling fans thats faulty or could it be the PSU or some other components thats causing a short?

Any help would be much appreciated

  Strawballs 10:38 14 Jul 2006

Wouldn't have thought it is fan because it shuts down too quick my first thought would be PSU do you know anybody who has a spare that you could put in and try to rule it out one way or the other.

  mbjb 10:47 14 Jul 2006

another forum also suggested its the PSU - its only a 350 watt model and the components it powers include 2 large hard disks and a DVD writer and DVD Rom.I also notice that when i run any applications on the machine or even just fire up a browser,the pitch of the fans inside the case appear to go up

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