Computer overheating & turning itself off

  rachel99 18:48 06 Feb 2009


My PC keeps turning itself off, sometimes after only 90 mins - 2 hours.

I've looked through the grill with a torch & there's a huge amount of dust in there. So I think the excess dust may be overheating things in there more than the fan can cool it?

Is this the likely reason?

Should I unscrew the back of it & get the dust out?
If so, what's the safest way to do that?
Thank you for any help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 06 Feb 2009

Is this the likely reason?
Should I unscrew the back of it & get the dust out?

Swtch off and unplug from wall
Take the screws out the back and slide back the side cover (left).

you can suck out the dust with a vacuum cleaner but do not get the hose too close to the components or use a hair dryer on cool to blow the dust out.
If the fans are caked you can scrape the fan blades with cocktail stick or those wooden sticks women use for their fingernails (not nail file board)

  brundle 18:58 06 Feb 2009

click here

Not neccessary to oil the fans as described, unless they're making strange noises or so caked in dust they don't move freely when flicked with a fingernail.

  MAJ 19:02 06 Feb 2009

"Is this the likely reason?"

Yes, but also when you have taken the side off, make sure all fans are running okay. The easiest way clean it is to first earth yourself by touching the bare metal on the back of the case while it is still plugged into the socket, but turned off. Then, with a soft brush, a paintbrush mabe, brush all the dust from the fans and vents, to the bottom of the case, then vacuum that up with a vacuum cleaner with [preferably] a plastic extension attached to the cleaner.

  skidzy 20:06 06 Feb 2009

Just to add to the above;

Once you have the bulk of the dust removed,consider buying a can of compressed air from somewhere like Maplins to remove the bits you cannot get at.

Also check the heatsink for dust...this can get extremely clogged up.

  rachel99 18:25 09 Feb 2009


Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's advice.

I cleaned it all out as suggested using soft brushes, cottonbud sticks, & lots of tlc! I couldn't believe how much dust there was.

I left it on for a few hours and it stayed on ok.
Thanks again

Rachel xx

  Pineman100 18:39 09 Feb 2009

Having resolved the problem, you might to think about trying to avoid it in the future.

Is the computer in a very dusty place? On the floor, for example?

  rachel99 22:29 11 Feb 2009

Yes the computer is on the floor.
I do put one of those plasticy dust sheets around you can buy.

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