Computer numbering sequence

  cuscus 15:07 31 Oct 2006

I just don't know how to explain this but I will try. In Nero Vision Express in Slideshow when I import my files to create my slideshow my problem is as follows. For exemple, my files are called Presentation 1, 2, 3 up to 34 but when they are showing in the Slideshow window the sequence in the numbers are from 1 to 19 then it jumps to 2 up to 29 then it jumps to 3 and so on..... I realize this is computer numbering but I would like to know if it is possible to get my files in the sequence I had them. The only way to get on with this, is by dragging each specified files down to the bottom. That's not a big problem when I only have a few files. I wrote to Nero about this and I received an answer which, to me is not related to my question, here it is: "Unfortunately, the files will always be in alphabetical order after they are imported in Nero Vision.The only solution would be renaming them so the alphabetical order and the one you want are the same before using them in Nero Vision" MY PROBLEM IS NOT ALPHABETICAL BUT NUMERICAL. I will write back and see.....

  Slim Shady 15:10 31 Oct 2006

I don't have Nero so am not sure BUT I suggest calling your files Presentation 01, 02, etc, 11, 12, etc. The leading zero should 'force' them to be in the correct order. I hope.

  Jak_1 15:12 31 Oct 2006

Try using zero's ie 01,02 etc. The files should then fall into the corect numerical order.

  cuscus 15:27 31 Oct 2006

Thanks Slim Shady and Jak_1 you are RIGHT! I tested this by changing to zeros as suggested and it works. Thank you so much!

You're a lot smarter than Nero Techniciens. The solution was so simple.

Thanks again!

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