Computer not working - Advice Please

  Legolas 10:02 10 Jul 2003

My brother-in-laws computer is failing to boot up all he gets is a 'no signal' error message on the monitor screen.

I have tested the graphics card, monitor, memory and HDD all are ok. The CPU fan is not working on my brother-in-laws system but works ok on mine so could this point to a problem with his M/B.

The CPU is a AMD-K6 which does not fit in any of my two systems so I cannot test it. If I was to hazard an educated guess I would say it was a M/B problem because the CPU fan works on my system but not on his. What do others think?

  rickf 10:12 10 Jul 2003

You are probably right as you have gone through the process of deduction.

  Djohn 10:13 10 Jul 2003

You say the CPU fan does not work in his PC and also no signal to monitor. Is any power getting through at all? Does the hard drive spin?. If not, then first check out the PSU unit.

The monitor displaying a "No signal" message could be due to above or simply that the signal being sent from PC is out of range, or faulty cable. I know this does not answer the question in full, but may give you a couple of ideas to try. j.

  Legolas 10:20 10 Jul 2003

The hard disk does spin so power is getting to the hard disk I have not tested the PSU unit but I will although as I say it appears to be ok as power is getting to the hard disk. As I say I cannnot test the CPU and as the CPU fan was not working on his system this may have damaged the CPU.

I think Djohn is on the right lines to start with - even though power is getting to the hard disk it does not mean that power is getting to the motherboard, they are seperate connectors and circuits.

I would make sure the ATX supply cable is firmly in place and if at all possible, try another PSU. If this fails to rectify the problem then look to the mobo, but as Djohn, my thoughts lie with the psu.

  Legolas 10:55 10 Jul 2003

I have tested the PSU and it is working ok in fact I am running this system on it now, so it looks like the CPU which I cannot test or the M/B

I tried the CPU fan on a seperate connector not the one next to the processor but one on the other side of the M/B and it still does not work so it looks like the M/B do others agree?

  wee eddie 19:25 10 Jul 2003

then it does not matter which connection you use. the fan won't work even if it is perfect.

Can you not just hot wire it to the correct voltage, which will be written on it.

another possibility: Is there any way you can use a multimeter to check that power is actually getting to the Mother Board.

  Legolas 21:03 10 Jul 2003

I spoke to my brother-in-law and he has told me just to go ahead and get a new M/B as it will be a chance to upgrade anyway so I am awaiting the stuff from ebuyer tomorrow.

  Legolas 21:04 10 Jul 2003

Sorry... I meant to say thanks to all who contributed to the thread.

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