Computer not starting monitor

  SaysEwe 23:34 06 Nov 2005

Low system resoures eventually led to the computer going to safe mode and scandisk not completing etc and then monitor not coming on. I tried adding more memory which worked briefly but computer shut down. I know now that wasn't the answer.....

Question. How does one start/repair a computer in this situation ?

It has a MSI K7N2 Delta m/board, running Win ME 1.33 processor Memory 639mb (available mem was 165mb on 30/10/05 when low resource messages arrived) 2 x 120gb sata drives in mirror mode with used space of 8.9gb

Any idears please apart from the shovel and wooden cross.......

  Splork 00:12 07 Nov 2005

Do you get any beeps when you start the PC, regardless of whether it loads ME?

  SaysEwe 10:17 07 Nov 2005

Hi Splork..... no beeps, only about 30 secs of HD activity

  Splork 10:22 07 Nov 2005

If you get no beeps it's not completing the POST tests - you need to check everything is plugged in securely, memory seated properly etc
If still no luck, disconnect any un-neccessary hardware, CD/DVD drives, remove all but one memory module, leave your main HD plugged in and see if it gets any further.

  SaysEwe 11:54 07 Nov 2005

Hi again, already removed everything except KB M and mon cable and checked cards seated and cables intact just tried removing memory and changing module and different slot...... somethings happened to this typing now ?

  woodchip 12:18 07 Nov 2005

I would say youe PSU as gone to never land

  WhiteTruckMan 13:14 07 Nov 2005

To the next thing in the chain that so many people overlook when troubleshooting. Try to borrow/beg another graphics card. doesnt matter what, as long as it works and fits in your board. (not all boards have an agp slot, and if you come up with a vesa card you might struggle)

After all, checking the graphics is part of the post.


  SaysEwe 15:09 07 Nov 2005

Swapped graphics card, no change

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