Computer noise

  HauxtonPhil 09:41 26 Jul 2004

One thing which PCAdvisor does not appear to mention when it reviews machines is the noise that it makes. I buy lots of machines for other people and am amazed at the difference in noise levels from almost silent Dells to the noisiest machine that I have ever come across, which is one of those sexy Cubex machines from Mesh. Mesh claim that it is bound to be noisy because it is so much power in a confined space. Has any one out there experience of putting quiet fans into small machines - or indeed any help to cut down on background noise?

  Pesala 09:54 26 Jul 2004

I would certainly like to see more details about sound levels in PCA Reviews. I would gladly pay £50 more for a PC that is almost silent, and would hate to be lumbered with a PC that was too noisy. My current Evesham Quest PC is fine, but I would prefer something even quieter next time. Most of the noise comes from the CPU fan.

  jonnytub 09:55 26 Jul 2004

i often find that the most noisy parts of a pc are quite obiously the psu and heatsink fan, i used to have a thermaltake volcano 7+, sounded like an aeroplane taking off and it had to go as the pc's in the sitting room, barely hear the tv for it, i got a zalman flower cooler which i dont think would be appropriate for small machines due to it's shape and size click here, once that got put in i still weren't happy as the psu was still making a racket so i got an ultraquiet one and it's barely noticeable, you have to listen very quietly, at night, without the tv on to hear it. The link i gave above will give you an idea of some smaller fans and coolers that should go in the likes of that mesh machine.

  jonnytub 09:57 26 Jul 2004

can be very fiddly putting anything into a small form factor case. But it can be done with patience.

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