Computer No Longer Shuts Down Completely

  tbh72 10:58 28 Mar 2003

I have installed a AGP Ge Force 2, and have made changes to my bios to get the card working properly. mobo is PC Chips 810LMR. Could it be the bios preventing the machine from closing down completely, I now have to hold the power button for 5 seconds after win 98SE has closed down.

Thank in advance

  MAJ 11:04 28 Mar 2003

Go to Control Panel > Power Options > APM tab and make sure "Enable Advanced Power Management Support" is ticked. Go to Start > Run, type in msconfig, click OK, on the startup tab click the Advanced button and tick "disable fast shutdown". At what screen is shutdown hanging?

  tbh72 11:20 28 Mar 2003

Thank you MAJ, I have just looked at power management & there is no APM tab? Slow shut down is selected, when I click start shurdown, after about 1 or 2 seconds the screen goes black & turns off but the computer / fan,hdd etc are still active until I press & hold the power button on the PC

  MAJ 11:32 28 Mar 2003

I'm loathed to suggest anything tbh72 as you've changed some of your BIOS settings. Did your PC shutdown okay before you did this? Have you got the most up to date drivers for your new card and are there any known issues with the card (I'm not a gamer so know little about graphics cards). Try the Troubleshooting Shutdown Problems at this link, tbh72. click here

  hugh-265156 11:35 28 Mar 2003

are you using the drivers that came with the card?if so uninstall and get the latest ones from click here what changes have you made in the bios?also make sure all other drivers are removed before installing new ones.

  hugh-265156 11:37 28 Mar 2003

what did you have before the geforce2?

  tbh72 12:28 28 Mar 2003

Crikey....... Ummmm, gee I've just been fighting to get the PC back, still not resolved & it pails into insignificance by comparison to the trouble Ive just had.

Right - Prior ro installing the card I was using SiS on board AGP graphics chip. There are two choices in the bios, they are

1. Onboard AGP
2. PCI

I originally set the card up with the setting at postion 1, as I couldn't get it working on setting 2. But this is my confusion, on setting 1. Onboard AGP, the AGP card was being recognised & used.

Setting 2. PCI - Does the AGP slot actually need to be set to the PCI setting, I have done that now & the card is working fine, but the computer acts like an old AT wear you have to physically pust the power button to turn it off??

I'm confused?

  hugh-265156 12:45 28 Mar 2003

ok i have xp so forgive me as im not familair with 98 but should be similar.first off uninstall the geforce drivers turn off and remove the card. i updated my onboard sis 650 to a agp card heres what i did.first off go to start/my computer/system/ hardware/device manager look for display right click the sis device and disable.shut down the pc slot in new card turn on and install new drivers for the bios under advanced chipset or similar onboard should be disabled.

  tbh72 13:42 28 Mar 2003

I have tried this & think the card is now fully installed with no conflict's, but the dang PC still wont shut down properly.

I will tick as resolved & post back when I finally suss it out, no doubt I'll have to look at other drivers or even bios update??

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