computer to mobile text sms service

  jrb1946 14:33 01 Oct 2010

AOL today withdrew their "computer to mobile" texting or SMS service. For 6p one could send a text from your computer to any mobile. Really good. It was also called IM2mobile.
I used it a lot, so I am now needing to find another supplier or provider.
O2 did one but you had to have your mobile on O2's network.
A search showed me that there are many services available. Does any one use a computer to mobile text or SMS service and if so which one and why?

  johnincrete 14:57 01 Oct 2010

I've used Skype particularly for overseas phone and SMS (I'm in sunny Crete - 32C today clear blue sky)

  Big L 266 21:40 01 Oct 2010


I have an account with T-Mobile and regularly use their online sms texting service to any mobile.Webtexts sent this way are deducted from my monthly allowance and cost me nothing to send.I often send a three text-page message and can do multiple sms webtexts again for free.

Its quite easy to set up. You put the names of your friends & family along with their mobile numbers into a list. Once there,all you have to do is click on a name, type the message and send it.

Have a look at the T-Mobile website and you'll see what I mean.Once you're in there,look for webtext and you'll see what I mean.

All the best.

Big L 266

  jrb1946 13:57 06 Oct 2010

Thanks Big L 266. I use Virgin who in turn use T-mobile as their service provider. I've found that the coverage is abysmal so was thinking of moving to Vodafone. I am quite happy to move from Virgin (in fact I want to) but before I take you up on your good suggestion could you say what quality of signal reception you get from T-mobile? John

  mooly 17:31 06 Oct 2010

How strange this topic cropped up... I was only looking today about sending texts from a PC to a mobile.

Seems there are lot's of free providers for this... but what's the catch ? Does it bombard the recipients phone with junk ?

  jrb1946 16:56 07 Oct 2010

Mooly, yes and there doesn't seem to be much on the subject. I enquired about the detail of Vodafone's offering yesterday; the young lady first did not know you could text from a pc, second did not know Vodafone offered the service and third could not grasp why I'd want to text from a pc anyway!

I have looked at Green Text;; IntelliSMS, T-mobile and Vodafone. My short list at the moment is IntelliSMS and T-mobile.
Not sure about the junk problem - You pay for IntelliSMS but not too much. John

  robin_x 18:12 07 Oct 2010

Some have hidden charges. This one doesn't last I used it (to UK mobiles)

I think they charge for replies or foreign texts.

The recipient also sees the company's mobile number (for replies) instead of yours.

So you say
"Hi it's Bob. Call/Text me back on my mobile. See you in half an hour" or whatever.

Think it has a max length as well.

Send a txt to urself to test

click here

  BIGKREM 18:30 07 Oct 2010

Google "vip sms from cardboard fish" and set up an account, £15 = 300 texts,thats 5p per txt. its brilliant, I think you will have to use "fish texts now as you will see on thier welcome page. Im on a ship in Angola and can happily keep in touch with the family at any time from my computer.A quick txt to the missus to call me from home with her free minutes! Perfect. No spam, no nonsense, easy to top up. Just great!

  BIGKREM 18:42 07 Oct 2010

click here here ye go, sign up from here. krem

  mymate 20:21 07 Oct 2010

This is the best one i have ever used click here
2p to text Uk mobile and 1p to text Indian mobile.You get 10 free texts for free so you can test it.

You get delivery reports and the text looks like it has come from your mobile.

Been using it for over a year now and had no problems with it.

Oh might be problems sending texts to India from computers at the moment because of a court case going on there.So they have blocked texts from computers.

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