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  Tony W. 10:00 09 Jul 2009

A week ago I was unable to boot up my computer.Eventually thanks to Forum members I was able to do a reinstall repair of Windows.

The reason the computer would not start was because Windows root file\system32/hal dll had mysteriously overnight gone missing.

I am particularly careful when using my computer and use three programs on a weekly basis to ensure it runs smoothly. 1.CC cleaner,2.Tuneup utilities,and 2.Winaso.

Can anybody recommend any other cleaners or maintenance programs that would prevent a similar problem occurring in the future.



  Technotiger 10:19 09 Jul 2009

Personally I don't think you need any others, what you have should be fine. I use Tuneup Utils, AVG, SuperAntiSpyware, Ad-Aware and Glary Utilities (Free) one-click maintenance, and finally Diskeeper to keep my drives all fully de-fragged at all times.

However, I would strongly recommend that you use Acronis to make full backups of your C: drive, keep the backups on an external drive and you will then be covered for just about all eventualities.

  rdave13 10:19 09 Jul 2009

I'd be wary of any optimizing programs as they can cause problems. Similar to registry cleaning apps. Ccleaner is a good program if you only have one account on your PC and in my very humble opinion is all you need plus a defrag program such as Auslogic.

  birdface 10:33 09 Jul 2009

I use Winaso but reading different help Forums the experts frown on the use of registry cleaners.
So what are we supposed to use or do to keep the registry safe.
I suppose back up your system with Acronis or something like that.
I will stick with Winaso I would imagine using to many registry cleaners could cause problems.
But will wait and see what the experts say.

  Tony W. 11:05 09 Jul 2009

Thank you to those who replied.I have done a Google search for Acronis and I assume that the program is Acronis True Image 2009 Home.

Its unfortunate that I wasn't aware of this program earlier it would have saved me a lot of trouble and headaches.

PC World are selling it for £34.00 so will pick it up later today.

Thanks again to everyone.


  [email protected] 11:14 09 Jul 2009

i have used this and this only for over a year click here it's free you can donate should you wish. everything else i delete manually and use jv power tools to check everythings in order.

  [email protected] 11:18 09 Jul 2009

sorry typed that very slowly, didn't see it was resolved.

  Technotiger 11:20 09 Jul 2009

You assume correctly, worth every penny!

  birdface 11:33 09 Jul 2009

A bit cheaper here that was the first one i tried .maybe shop about a bit and you may get it cheaper.

  gazzaho 12:09 09 Jul 2009

As I see it registry cleaners should only really be used as a cure and not so much prevention on a computer. If you install/uninstall a lot of programs or haven't cleaned the registry for a long time, perhaps a year or more then it may be worth cleaning, a lot of clutter can be left behind by untidy program removal routines, as these errant registry entries "may" cause instability. A really cluttered registry can add to boot times and cleaning it may shave a few milliseconds off that time, but in my opinion the time gained isn't really worth the risk of making things worse rather than better.

The fact is the software you were using may have caused rather than prevented your computer not starting in the first place. To be honest the only piece of software I would trust out of the ones you mention is CCleaner, I've used it for a year or more now and it hasn't let me down, it's registry cleaner is also the only one I would use and only rarely as it's also proved itself to me to be reliable.

Acronis True Image 2009 is also an invaluable tools to own, perhaps more so than any other as it can get you out of some real nasty predicaments without having to resort to a complete re-installation of Windows and a loss of personal data.

I myself tend to shy away from any program that purports to "tune up" my system or "improve" performance as over the years experience has taught me that they seldom deliver the goods.

  Tony W. 12:24 09 Jul 2009

Thanks again guys for the additional information.

My Tune up Utilites progam is a free trial version into its third week my Winaso is also free.

I fully intended to convert both of them into full paid versions but in view of the various comments and in particular from gazzaho Im now not going to and will just stick to cc cleaner.

Thanks Buteman the link you provided was in fact considerably cheaper for the purchase Acronis True Image.

As always much appreciate the help from forum members.


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