Computer locks up overnight

  Chris the Ancient 11:01 28 Dec 2006

I leave my pc on overnight to allow updates to AVG and Defender to take place. I have a 1.8M Athlon with 1Gb of memory.

When I log in the following morning, it has, to all intents and purposes, locked. It restarts ok with a reboot. This has been happening for about three weeks and doing a system restore to an earlier time hasn't cured it. I have tried disabling (and removing) AVG and Defender and that hasn't cured the problem.

This morning, because I was trying to do a million-and-one things, I left it for a moment or two and realised that it was trying to work. But oh so slowly. The hard drive access light was on; but nothing much was really happening.

I have checked (at last) the Event Viewer and each morning at about 04:00 - which is when Windows Defender is supposed to update, I'm receiving an exclamation mark message saying "MPSampleSubmission" with and 'Event' of 5000.

I'm confused! This problem was happening when I *thought* I had removed Defender when I started getting these hangs. Does Defender leave something in there even when it's removed, is it coincidence, or what?

Any thoughts/ideas gratefully accepted.

I will be out for a while this afternoon (working) but I WILL keep watching and hoping for feedback.


  Jackcoms 11:18 28 Dec 2006

Doesn't answer your question - but I'm horrified that you leave your PC connected to the net overnight.

I wouldn't even consider it. I disconnect even if I'm only stepping away from the PC for an hour or so.

Paranoid perhaps, but it stops any 'nasties' attacking me!

  Chris the Ancient 11:28 28 Dec 2006

Part of my reason for leaving it on overnight is that it doesn't like the cold and can be very reluctant to boot up - but that's another story!. It also allows (in theory) the updating to be done.

With a firewall and anti-virus, I feel reasonably safe. Having used some of these stealth checking sites (can't find a link at the moment), I have a reasonable level of confidence that I'm comparatively 'invisible' and nothing is going to happen overnight that couldn't happen during the day when it's switched on. And I don't have anything too important and confidential on my computer. All my data is backed up daily onto a separate, removable hard drive - as is my system weekly.

  birdface 11:34 28 Dec 2006

I agree with Jackoms,Its your choice but I would not run my computer overnight just for updates,You can change the update times on A.V.G so that it will start when you want it to start,Or it downloads automatically anyway,If you run Windows One care,Windows Defender normally runs with that,If you still have Windows defender on your computer somewhere and cant get rid of it,It might be better to reinstall it,Then make sure that it is switched off before you delete it again,Once deleted run C Cleaner,That should get rid of any bits and pieces left behind.And make sure that you dont install any updates for w/defender from Microsoft updates.

  Chris the Ancient 11:49 28 Dec 2006

It's not just the updates though. The reluctance of my pc to start on a cold day is a long-standing thing. For whatever reason, it seems to get some microscopic condensation build-up which causes all sorts of problems on start up. Short of leaving the 'study' in hot-house mode throughout the night, I've not found any real solution.

For a while, I suspected perhaps the PSU wasn't powerful enough - but that wasn't it. The pc (like me) just doesn't like the cold!

However, this is getting away from what's causing the error code?

  Probabilitydrive 12:13 28 Dec 2006

"The reluctance of my pc to start on a cold day" is slightly worrying thought. Your machine should not be in this state in the first place.

I would recommend carrying out a spring clean, (springboard can be found here) click here

  ICF 12:19 28 Dec 2006

Chris the Ancient:- said

"microscopic condensation build-up"

That sound very unlikely unless your living in a tent.
Why don't you as has been said above and do spyware scan.

  birdface 12:32 28 Dec 2006

Cant find anything to here Someone with the same problem, But no fix with it.

  birdface 13:01 28 Dec 2006

Were you using the Beta version of W/Defender or the full version, Maybe If you download full version ,It may sort itself out.

  bof:) 14:01 28 Dec 2006

Hi CtA, not a cure but here's the site I use to check stealth on my pc

click here


  birdface 14:23 28 Dec 2006

Latest edition of Windows Defender, click here

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