computer locked by unknown ransomware

  ollybolly2 13:20 28 Apr 2015

I am in total panic: yesterday what I assume was some sort of ransomware locked my computer. In my panicked rush to restart pc in safe mode, I didn't see exactly what it was. I have Windows 7 and run free Comodo anti-virus. i don't seem to have been able get internet connectivity in safe mode. I downloaded up-to-date Malwarebytes on a laptop and installed it on infected pc.

I had problems running Malwarebytes: first scan revealed, I think, 5 threats but when I tried to remove them the program encountered a problem. It took me about 6 attempts to get it complete without a problem (always at heuristic stage0. When it did, it showed no threats. I am currently scanning with Comodo (not updated since about 18.00 yesterday when I was attacked. Comodo is showing 1 threat at moment but scani s not complete yet.

Help, help, help!!! I'm not tech savvy so please keep suggestions simple for an IT moron! THanking you all in advance for any help.

  bumpkin 13:24 28 Apr 2015

some sort of ransomware locked my computer

What is it showing, I would expect some sort of message on the screen if it is ransomware.

  ollybolly2 13:41 28 Apr 2015

sorry for delayed reply, bumpkin, laptop acting up and very slow. Like, I said, rebooted pc in safe mode too quickly to see what it was. No screen message in safe mode

  ollybolly2 13:55 28 Apr 2015

Jock1e, thanks. Can't do that until comodo scan complete. While I didn't catch which ransomware it was, I did notice something along the lines 'YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED', can't be any more precise but it seemed designed to scare the living daylights out of victims, so I'd b e very surprised if it's Microsoft's fault - incidentally, have never had that problem.

  mole1944 14:27 28 Apr 2015

A word to the wise,i hope your data is backed up.Invest in cloning software and a spare drive,by cloning your drive say bi-weekly if you have this disaster again all you need to do is either clone the drive back or just swap one drive for infected one and re clone the drive.A friend had the same problem with her grandson,and it put the wind up them i got a call at 0400 (not well pleased),i had a clone of their drive did a swap and sorted it out.As an aside i told the lad that i had put monitoring software on their machine and it would send his history to my NAS drive 24/7/365,his face went white i hadn't of course but he was non the wiser and it never happened again.

  robin_x 14:43 28 Apr 2015

Malwarebytes may also search for Rootkits, but just in case try Kaspersky's TDSS Killer, just in case

Direct Link

Right click the saved file and Run as admin. It only takes a couple of mins to scan

  Secret-Squirrel 15:27 28 Apr 2015

ollybolly, I suggest you don't worry too much until you've booted into Windows normally. You may find that there's no ransomware message there any longer and no other signs of infection.

The last few ransomware scares I've dealt have simply been alarming webpages in the user's web browser. The messages claim that the computer has been locked and all files have been encrypted but simply closing the browser resolves the "problem". The same thing may have happened to you and would account for why Malwarebytes didn't find anything.

  ollybolly2 15:32 28 Apr 2015

Sorry folks for not being able to reply - Shockwave Flash rendering laptop almost inoperable. Downloading RegCure Pro - hope this will sort things out after it completes scan.

  onthelimit1 15:42 28 Apr 2015

Reg Cure is diabolical! It will give you loads of false positives. If you are able to use the net, run the free 30 day trial of Hitmanpro from Surfright

  robin_x 16:11 28 Apr 2015

"Sorry folks for not being able to reply - Shockwave Flash rendering laptop almost inoperable. Downloading RegCure Pro - hope this will sort things out after it completes scan."

You must be sure that you don't just grab random solutions from Google Searches.

One way to do this is to get a Red/Amber/Green review by each result.

Please visit WOT and install their suggested prophylactic. It only takes a minute.

Repeat for each browser you use.

Also Unchecky is very useful for even reputable downloads. Install and forget.


This is what I see when I Google it. I wouldn't download it without further investigation.

  bumpkin 16:23 28 Apr 2015

RegCure is malware itself in my opinion.

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