Computer literate teenagers

  Salinger 17:40 26 Jun 2004

Stumbled across this site click here

Shows you what enterprising teenagers can do if they apply themselves.

  Drovers Dog 06:39 27 Jun 2004

It is wonderful to see kids having a shot at it!

  expertec 14:52 27 Jun 2004


  wee eddie 15:06 27 Jun 2004

I know that Australia is a young country, but I could find no reference to the age of the respondents.

  Salinger 16:58 27 Jun 2004

They are not Australian and inquiries show that the Creators are about 14-15 years old - they are now getting a bit of help (not very much) fom a couple of older, ie experienced helpers. Doesn't detract from their enthusiasm!

  Indigo 1 18:03 27 Jun 2004

I'm much impressed by them Can't find an emoticon for Hat's Off ! :-)

At 14-15, they should be outdoors enjoying them selves more though, instead of sitting in front of a PC for hours on end.

  wee eddie 19:42 27 Jun 2004

I did not say that they weren't teenagers. I just said: What's to indicate that they are teenagers?

Your second posting suggests that the word "Stumbled" is a terminological inexactitude.

Don't get me wrong: Giving them a wee puff is a great idea.

Are you, by any chance one of the advisers or related in any way?

  Mikè 19:50 27 Jun 2004

I know a new auction site....

  Salinger 21:03 27 Jun 2004

Just joined

  Salinger 21:08 27 Jun 2004

BTW, wee eddie, I resent your inference that I am a liar.

  Salinger 21:17 27 Jun 2004

I "stumbled" on it via another forum where the ages of the 'kids' is known!

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