Computer Lightning Strike

  johnoo 10:59 03 Jul 2011

I have suffered damage to Computer due to a lightning strike. The M/c works but I could not get into the Internet, now repaired by fitting "Network Card" Question is why did the Lightning not also take out the Router and do damage to the Phone circuits? Also I have a "Surge Protector" but this does not prtect against Lightning, is there a way of protecting?

  johndrew 12:15 03 Jul 2011

A lot depends on what is struck but you don't say what was.

If it is a mains surge, the surge protector should save the PC from damage, if it didn't then you may need to consider why - for example has it functioned before and is now operating as a normal socket as some do after a single protect function (this type often contains a warning indicator).

If the phone line was struck then you would expect the router to take punishment unless protected.

If the building was struck then it is possible for the least 'hardened' component(s) to be affected.

  johnoo 12:29 03 Jul 2011

John, The repair man put in a new "Network Card" he said a Chip had been blown on the Mainboard if that makes sence. As a precaution i am replacing the Surge Protector, the curent one has not got a Surge Neon Indicator, so I am buying one that has. Starange thing is that the house opposite have the same problem, but his Router & phone socket have been affected, so could it have been the building that was struck?

  octal 19:12 03 Jul 2011

The trouble with lightning is it gets everywhere, it doesn't have to be a direct hit, a close hit is enough to produce a very large Electo-Magnetic Pulse that will induce large potential in every bit of wire in the house, put all the surge protectors in you like, it won't make any difference, the EMP will just bypass them. Surge protectors are only really for short spikes on the mains, what happens if the spike comes up the earth wire? That hasn't got a surge protector and electricity can and does travel both ways if there's enough of it, like a nearby lightning strike.

There is only one effective solution, and that is to disconnect the appliance from all external sources during a storm.

  rdave13 22:20 03 Jul 2011

An UPS might be a better option although more expensive.Amazon.

For example only.

Have a read of the Product Description. The more expensive then the best protection in my humble opinion.

  woodchip 23:22 03 Jul 2011

Only to protect against lightning, is turn everything off and pull the plugs as it can it mains and travel down the wires or TV aerial

  Colonel Graham 23:50 03 Jul 2011

As woodchip unplug everything at the first rumble of thunder, make a hat out of kitchen foil and put it on your head. Do not earth your hat.

  rdave13 23:56 03 Jul 2011

A lightening that strikes your house will knacker everything including the roof. Nearby strikes then an UPS is certainly the best bet rather than a surge protector.

  Procrastinus 05:54 04 Jul 2011

I do exactly as woodchip suggests. You may find this site useful for some advance warning -

link text

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