Computer to laptop

  postie 11:33 09 Aug 2006

How do I transfer from computer to Laptop ??


  FelixTCat 11:37 09 Aug 2006


Get up, move to laptop, sit down, open laptop and start :)

Seriously, transfer what? How big are the files? How many? Do you have network ports on each pc? Floppy drives? CD writers and readers? Are you looking to transfer just data or programs and settings? Do you have the same operating system on both pcs?



  silverous 12:51 09 Aug 2006

You can either:

- Use a USB key (if you have USB ports on both)
- Write a CD/DVD (assuming you can write on the computer and read on the laptop i.e. you have those drives)
- Connect them directly - either via a network cable (crossover) or another type of cable (e.g. parallel/serial - laplink used to supply one with their software - not sure now)
- Connect them via some other network device (e.g. a wireless/wired router/switch/hub)
- Worst case you could dial-up the internet and email from one to the other!!!
- If you wanted to get really silly you could use Infra Red if you have it on your laptop and bought an infra red adaptor for your PC... or bluetooth
- YOu could use a floppy disk if both have floppy drives
- etc. etc. etc. !

As per Felix' questions without more info it is tough to say which is the best option.



  wjrt 13:44 09 Aug 2006

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