Computer keeps shuting down

  Femme 13:28 16 May 2007

Windows xp
It works fine appart from that.

  Gongoozler 13:56 16 May 2007

Can you give more information. For example:
When it shuts down, does it restart itself?
How long does it run before shutting down?
If it shuts domn completely, how long before you can restart?
How old is the computer?
What version of Windows?

  Gongoozler 13:56 16 May 2007

Sorry - forget the last one.

  Femme 15:26 16 May 2007

I have windows xp .Pc is not quite a year old.The pc is running but nothing shows on the screen.
At times it shuts off totally.Have to use restart,
Im thinking its in settings but not sure how to change them.
Its on maybe a half hour before it shuts,
Fan seems ok.
Thankyou for your help

  birdface 16:23 16 May 2007

Try starting in safe mode,Just keep tapping F8 when the computer starts,If that works ,try last good confiuration,Or System restore to a time before you had the problems,How long have you been having problems,There were some bad up-dates from Microsoft last week which affected a lot of computers,I think system restore to a date before the 8th of may was the easiest way of fixing it.

  Gongoozler 16:33 16 May 2007

Probably not a settings thing, those that I know of might put the computer into a standby or hibernate mode, but it would still be running. What my questions were aimed at was mainly to determine if the problem is heat related. If something is getting hot, or even failing when it gets warm, there would be a delay before the computer switches off, and also a delay before it can be switched on again. If the computer switches itself off but then restarts, this is usually software related, and changing a setting should give an error message instead of the the switch off, helping with the diagnostics. If the switching off is heat related, knowing the timing helps with identifying the possible cause.

  Diversion 16:36 16 May 2007

Have you check that the ventilation holes are clear from dust and around the fans too, dust is the main cause of computer overheating which in turn keeps shutting the computer down. Give it a good vacuum out with the vacuum cleaner, it's amazing how quickly they do get blocked up with dust.

  Femme 16:49 16 May 2007

I will try all of your suggestions
Does not appear to be overheating.
It shut off from a storm, power outage last night.
Thankyou so much Femme

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