computer keeps rebooting itself

  scooby43 20:52 24 Aug 2004

Hi all

My computer Spec is:

1) AMD 2600 XP+ Barton (1.9ghz)
2) 512 DDR (400 FSB)
3) 1 x Western Digital Hard Drive
4) ATI Radeon 128 MB 9800 Pro
5) Pioneer DVD Rom Drive
6) Lite On DVD RW Drive

I have recently built myself a new computer. When I have been playing games it has been rebooting itself. This has deteriorated rapidly, I thought it might have been the operating system but now I can't even get as far as installing windows. As it keeps doing the above reboot loop.

Does anyone have any ideas thanks in advance.

  Simon_P 21:03 24 Aug 2004

Get the message NT subsystem shutting down (or something like that)?

In that case you may have got infected with the Blaster worm.

  scooby43 21:42 24 Aug 2004

I tried with my windows XP cd, I get past the licence etc and paritioned the hdd. I then decided to leave it for a few seconds before going on to next screen where you have the choices to format it. It restarted again, my other theorys it dont keep restarting when looking in the bios.

  scooby43 21:44 24 Aug 2004

I had turned it off for 30 mins and came to switch it on again in the bios monitor it was at 37'c then after about 5 mins or so it seemed to rise up to 55-60.

  thedarkside 22:11 24 Aug 2004

What processor fan are you using? I recently built a system for a friend using a PC chips mobo and a Thermaltake fan - it gave very high temp readings in BIOS, causing shutdown in some games. I changed it to a Coolermaster Jet 7 and the problem went away. Given the sharp rise in temps I am inclined to suspect some voltage anomoly.

  scooby43 22:42 24 Aug 2004

I dont understand the logic there about voltage anomoly whats anomoly mean?

  pc moron 23:02 24 Aug 2004

Your post at 21:44.

The 55-60 temperature seems high- some motherboards cut out at 60 deg (mine does).

If you have a large room-fan then take the side off the PC and angle the fan so it blows right onto the PC hardware- try using the PC for games etc while the fan is cooling it.

If runs okay then have a look at the heatsink on the CPU.

  woodchip 23:08 24 Aug 2004

You need a new CPU fan

scooby43 what he means is the volts are not stable or not what they should be

  pc moron 23:09 24 Aug 2004

Forgot to add: have a look in the BIOS at the default temps for your CPU and motherboard.

  scooby43 10:51 25 Aug 2004

I booted it up from cold this morning. Inserted the windows xp cd again and got to the parition part. I left it at that point and timed how long it took to restart approx 18mins and 45 seconds and it rebooted. Cold boot was at 26'c in the bios so from that time it had already then reached 57-60'c. The current cpu fan I got new with the cpu runs at 4000rpm. I am surprised it could be that as its pritty new it was retail cpu and fan came with it. On The box it said AMD approved. So you do think its definatly the cpu fan. I wonder if I can get a new fan free from the company I bought it from.

  woodchip 14:33 25 Aug 2004

It does not mean a thing sorry but you need a better fan for the CPU and a small bit of thermal past in-between

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