computer keeps rebooting

  onlymeagain 22:10 15 May 2007

Hi, computer keeps rebooting randomly, could be 2mins, could be 10mins, doesnt appear to be any set pattern, apart from i wonder if linked to mouse, as sometimes moving the mouse causes it to reboot?
Tried virus scanner, none found, havent changed anything recently in fact computer been reformatted bout 4 weeks ago as was doing it then, i thought may have been virus then but dont appear to have solved it, and if anything seems to be getting worse. Its an asrock mobo ks741gx with an AMD sempron 2400+ cpu. Have 1gb memory and running xp pro. One other possibility is i wonder if power button faulty on the case? As if i "wiggle" it, it will go off (yes i know thats what a power button does! But i dont mean press it in, sometimes just knock it a little?). Didnt want to buy a case only to find it still happening? Also noticed in bios cpu temp after reboot shows 42 degrees (seems a bit hot?)?? Although cpu fan seems to be working at 2615rpm??? thanks for your help

  phono 22:28 15 May 2007

42 degrees doesn't seem to be too bad, try starting the PC in safe mode and see if it will run okay for a prolonged period, if it does run okay then that would tend to suggest that you do not have a hardware problem, having said that it is not a conclusive test and it still may be a hardware problem.

Try running in safe mode and report back with your findings.

  Diversion 23:37 15 May 2007

Check your shutdown temperature in your BIOS under PC Health, Mine is set at 85 degrees Celsius shutdown and I have the same CPU that you have.

  Gongoozler 11:36 16 May 2007

"Wiggling" the power button shouldn't make the computer reboot. You should need to give it a distinct push. Most computers these days are set to shut down Windows in a controlled manner at a short push and to turn the computer off instantly if the button is pushed in for 4 seconds. This is set in the BIOS or in Control Panel - Power Options - Advanced. If the switch is that touchy, you may find that it's repairable. I've fixed a couple of non-working switched with tywraps and hot-melt glue. If the computer is rebooting due to a software error, right click on "My Computer", select "Properties", "Advanced". In the "Startup and Recovery area click on the Settings button. Untick the Automatically restart box. Now if the computer encounters an error, instead of rebooting it should display an error message.

  onlymeagain 17:23 16 May 2007

Thanks everyone! Not sussed it out yet,i tried in safe mode but computer still rebooted after few mins aargh! Will have a look in bios again. Would a faulty mouse cause this rebooting? just that if i leave pc alone it will reboot by itself, or sometimes nudging the mouse causes it to go off?? Seems like something to do with power management/mouse ????

  Graham. 17:37 16 May 2007

Did you untick the restart box as Gongoozler above?

  onlymeagain 19:20 16 May 2007

Thanks Graham, yes tried that and unticked the automatically restart but no joy. Interestingly if i keep moving the mouse it stays on, but if i leave the computer alone for longer than maybe 5 mins it reboots itself, or if it is left alone then i touch the mouse and not the keyboard! it will reboot straightaway???

  phono 22:03 17 May 2007

Right click on My Computer, select properties from the drop down menu, select the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button.

Are there any entries in the hardware list with any sort of exclamation or question marks beside them? If so what are they?

Can you try an alternative mouse to the one you have now?

  onlymeagain 23:03 17 May 2007

Thanks Phono, no exclamation marks in device manager or question marks, even had a look in admin tools / event logs see if anything was going on there but nothing. I have now ruled out mouse as well as tried another one and pc still reboots. Disconnected all peripherals such as printer, speakers etc, but no joy. Been in bios and reset all to defaults =still same. Getting close to buying a new board i think!

  phono 00:53 18 May 2007

Do you have a friend with a similar setup with whom you could test various components?

  birdface 09:03 18 May 2007

Read something yesterday while looking for a fix for another thread,,If you have a disc for mouse driver,Delete all details of it,Reboot computer and reinstall Driver.It came under the heading, IRQL-NOT-LESS-BUT-EQUAL.Something like that,If by any chance that I find it again,I will post it back on here,

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