Computer keeps pausing

  wossie 22:11 30 May 2003

I have an AMD XP2200, 60g MaxtorHD, 512 Mb DDR, Windows ME. When fired up it operates fine most timesbut now and again when running programs it is like pressing pause and it pauses for about 5 seconds, releases 1 sec and so on. When moving the mouse pionter across the page, the pointer freezes as above. I have reinstalled the lot and it stil rears it's ugly head now and again. I built it 6 months ago and no problems til lately. Could it be the hard drive (I had a 40G then got the 60G but this did not happen immediately. All drivers and bios etc are up to date. Has anyone else had this problem.

this sounds not so far out of the ordinary if it only happens occasionally, particullarly with winME which microsoft seems to like to pretend never happened, some people have found it ok but most of us found it too unstable.
there are various things you can do to help which i suspect you already do such as defragmenting and cleaning the registry, on the hard ware front make sure everything is clean inside and the air is flowing freely, better quality power supplies help sometimes but most likely its a memory management problem, ME is not very good at it but there are many third party utilities that you could try, Freeram for instance.

  Philip2 10:53 31 May 2003

512Mb is high for ME i found in my case it caused ME to hang at random i changed to 320Mb never had anymore problems.

  wossie 11:34 31 May 2003

Thanks for the response, another problem that occured around the same time is my CDR and DVD dissapear from My Computer and secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) has a yellow exclamation mark over it in device manager. This happened after the 60G was set up and all drivers updated. I have my suspicions about the Via 4.45 chipset drivers (MSI kt3 Ultra 2 mobo). Can I uninstall these and use a previous version. I don't think the ram is at fault as it ran fine since last Oct. So would a faulty H Disk give these symptoms. Thanks again, Wossie.

  wossie 15:26 31 May 2003

Alrighty, I connected up my backup H Disk and the problem remained. I changed the IDE cable to the CD drives and H Disk (rounded cables to flat) and it seems to be OK now the CD drives are present, faulty cables? I'll see how I get on. I'll also try reducing the total ram installed if it re-occurs. Thanks again, Wossie.

  Djohn 16:27 31 May 2003

Sounds to me as though something is running in the background, using a fair amount of CPU resources. Especially when the cursor freezes.

Had a similar problem myself, but only with the cursor, it would freeze or move in a jerky motion while connecting to internet. That was with 98se and Voice/data/fax modem.

Upgraded to win. XP Pro. and it now works perfect all the time. The only difference in the setup is the fact that XP is using it's own driver for the modem, so I lost the Voice/fax. facility.

  wossie 20:42 31 May 2003

Yeah Djohn, that crossed my mind also and I had Go Back (excellent software) running in the background so I disabled it with no difference. When I reinstalled the lot for the new 60G HD I downloaded all the latest drivers etc. then I discovered this problem. So I set up a 20G with all the latest bits formatted the 60G and ghosted the 20G to the 60G. It ran ok for a while and came back. I changed the round IDE leads for new flat ones today which I installed the same time as the 60G)and it seems to be running fine now. 'tis a strange one and annoying as you have to reboot each time to solve it. So touch wood it is solved. Thanks, Wossie.

  Sie1 21:19 31 May 2003

I have had a similar problem with my XP system. Specs are quite similar to yours. Computer would stop responding for anywhere between 30 secs anf half hour plus. Would sometimes just carry on afterwards abd sometimes require a reset. During this time, the drive activity light would remain illuminated (not flickering as usual).

I tried varius fix it utilities to repair any registry errors etc. but this did not help.

Eventually I could not see my second HD in My Computer. I crteated a number of extra partitions on my primary disc in readiness fo backing up data before a reinstall, but this has appeared to have fixed the problem.

My second HD has reappeared and I have not suffered a further lockup for the last six weeks. I would usually only get 1 to 2 hours max before the macine would lockup between each reboot.

Dont know if this helps


  wossie 00:02 10 Jun 2003

Two weeks on, and the PC is running fine since I changed the IDE leads. That is the only thing I have done that I can think of. Happy out, I have since put in an XP2800 and no problem. So that rules out the Hard drive and the CPU. Wossie.

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