Computer keeps crashing Gigabyte MB

  Muttly 08:44 15 Dec 2004

System: Windows XP sp2 freshly installed together.
WD80Gb SE hard drive IDE FAT32 3 partitions.
2*256Mb DDR400 Geil value memory CAS2.5.
MSI X52P CDRW/DVD combo drive.
Radeon 9000 128MB PCI (rubbish) Video card.
Bios version F11 on Gigabyte MB (GA-700N-L)
AMD athlon 2500+(BARTON)
CPU temp MAX61C MIN 53C
System @27C-40C(MAX)

The problem:
The computer crashes at random intervals. Tried disabling AC97 audio support, that didnt work. Have latest chipset drivers.

Could it be faulty memory?

  howard60 09:06 15 Dec 2004

could be anything - try stopping everything from running at startup and then see if it crashes with only the one thing running. It seems to be a conflict with an older prog and sp2. If you do not know how to stop things running post back.

  Muttly 08:43 16 Dec 2004

Had a brain wave regarding Geil memory. I checked out the website for conflicts/compatibilty issues. Found that on nForce2 motherboards when you enable dual memory the chipset cant keep up with the setting specified by the RAM SPD table. I changed the Bios setting from SPD to Auto configure for Ram timings/latencies etc and increased the Ram voltage by 0.1v to 2.8V.
Havent had a problem yet!

I will post back after a week to confirm fix.

Hope this helps everybody else with nforce2 and Geil memory.

  Muttly 19:55 20 Dec 2004

Had the computer running a good couple of hours a time, trouble free!
If anybody else gets the same trouble with this memory brand give it a go.

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