Computer keeps crashing????

  thetrickster 17:51 21 Jun 2008

Hi guys only just had this problem today. My p.c Keeps freezing?? I have to restart it every time? I have not made any major changes to any config files of any sort. The only thing that has taken place is a game has been updated via the steam engine although i don`t think it is that, that is causing this problem. My keyboard lights up, but when it crashes the lights go off??

I have Vista 32 bit, just recently updated with windows update, but this has not solved the problem. I am starting to worry now. p.c is about 3 months old all new components were used as i built it myself.

What procedures should i follow to solve this really annoying problem????

  Halmer 18:01 21 Jun 2008

but only seems to happen when I'm using Firefox.

Is it when you are browsing, gaming etc etc or non specific?

  thetrickster 18:21 21 Jun 2008

hi halmer. it is both when browsing and playing games. i also use firefox?? but i have had it for a couple of months with no issues.

  Halmer 18:32 21 Jun 2008

Could it be getting warm due to blocked vents?

Could try a system restore to last point (you can always reverse it) to see if this cures.

  Halmer 18:34 21 Jun 2008

all external connections including power supply tt?

  thetrickster 18:46 21 Jun 2008

hi halmer, i shall try that and let you know how i get on. i have just run the memory diagnostic tool to see if ther was any issues with the memory. it passed ok.

  Halmer 18:48 21 Jun 2008


  woodchip 18:49 21 Jun 2008

Do a System Restore to before the problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 21 Jun 2008

FReeezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

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