Computer just turns off

  iced_ms 22:54 01 Sep 2006

Hi people

Can anyone help, over the last 6 months or so every now and then my computer just turns off.
I'm not consistently doing the same thing when it happens, it has actually happened while i've been in the other room.
If i try to turn it back on straight away the computer sounds like it's begining to start up and then just turns off again.
After leaving it a while when i turn it back on at boot up there is a message that i've forgotten and it tells me to go into the bios to something to do with my cpu....something
Sorry i did write it down but one of the kids has moved the paper i wrote it on.
Is there anywhere that might be loggin what's happening....Does it sound like something is over heating? All help much appreciated :)

My Computer
ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7N8X-X REV 2.xx
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
1024 Megabytes RAM

  sunny staines 10:30 02 Sep 2006

I had this problem with random crashes which turned off the pc and it failing to boot up again 5 times out of ten. the problem was down to a faulty PSU. Which also damaged on of the RAM strips.

  [email protected] 13:17 02 Sep 2006

Sounds like your cpu is overheating.Check the fan is not clogged up with dust.OR go into bios and see if there is a setting which automatically shuts down your pc when the cpu gets to a certain temperature.It may be set too low BUT do check the fan first.

  iced_ms 17:25 02 Sep 2006

The crap that has just come out of the fan was I've given everything a few blasts of the air duster...still feeling a bit light headed...and when work calms down a bit I'll take the fan off and give it a good blast.
I'd do it now but I hate those little clips that clip the fan on. I've always felt like it was more good luck than good management that has enabled me to take them off and put them back on past machines.
Thanks both of u for the help :)

Any idea what the optimum temp should be, cause i've seen the mb temp and cpu temp in the bios and thought they were high but didn't know what they should be

  cspgsl 18:31 02 Sep 2006

Should look at the tops of the capacitors to check for buldging or leaking.
You can download a monitoring program called Speedfan to view the operating conditions of the heat generating componants

click here

  iced_ms 19:03 02 Sep 2006

Thanks cspgs1...but i wouldn't know a capactior if it bit my nose!
I've just downloaded Everest and the CPU temp is stable at 50 but the CPUl diode is is moving between 75 and 82....
I've just found out the make and model of the fan AK795 and downloaded the instructions for installing it....i really am not looking forward to that...i hate those clips...
So it looks like its going to have to come off i've got some of that gunk stuff to put between the heatsink & processor....send lots of postive vibes cause i really don't like these little clip fact i might wait till tomorrow and work me way up to it

  iced_ms 21:04 02 Sep 2006

i've been monitoring the computer via pc probe and everest and things seem to be ok with CPU but some strange things seem to be happening with the voltage.

The voltage has just took a massive downward spike from 12.352 to 3.????
It's just done the same thing again but this time it's an upward spike is on +5V and downwards spikes on the +3.3V and Vcore and just following that the cpu and mobo alert started these had downward spikes....

Still think its the CPU?

  iced_ms 02:00 03 Sep 2006

I've just took out the heatsink and fan and cleaned them with the hair air of course and blown loads of dust out of the PSU too
I've also cleaned the thermal paste off the bottom of the heatsink and applied some more.
I've now got temps of 28 mobo, 40 cpu and 53 cpu diode. But i'm still getting spikes on the voltage so i think i'll buy a new power supply tomorrow and see if that helps.
Thanks for the help...bilko and cspgsl

  theDarkness 03:56 03 Sep 2006

yeah your psu could be on its way out. i had a similar problem with an overheating power strained system, except it would restart rather than turn off completely.

i had bought my computer from a popular store; with that minimum price I really was getting a minimum system, with little cooling (psu fan and one main case fan at the back) and a low wattage power supply (around 130W cheap psu is common on the high st). I wish they'd of warned to add extra cooling and a higher wattage of power supply if i ever wished to add extra hardware.. trust me then, to add a graphics card, an extra hard drive, and dvd drive- my pc as a result started to reset when left on for a fair amount of time.

Not including the power supply and graphics cards own fans, I now have 2 main case fans- an extra fan at the front blowing cool air in for the system and hard drives (definately worth a go for cooling), with the one that I got with the system when bought- still used for blowing hot air out at the back. I also have a higher wattage power supply now(400W) to keep things going steady, which only ever gives out what is needed.

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