Computer Help - is this good/what would you change

  ChrisBass 12:43 28 Mar 2011


This is my firtst post on theis forum.

My dad recently upgraded his computer and i have his old one (link below) and I have a couple of questions:

(click here)

1 - firstly is it any good? i dont know much about computers (i know the basics, what things do etc) i wont be doing anything too strenuous with it so will it be ok to keep up?

2 - as i got this for free i dont mind spending a little money on upgrading it to get it up to speed, what would you recommend needs updatid the most on it?

thanks for your help

  961 13:24 28 Mar 2011

Looking at the basic spec on the HP web site I'd say this is just fine for a first computer

I wouldn't spend any money on it now until you actually come across something it won't do. For example, I don't suppose it would be the fastest kid on the block for video rendering and the latest games

But old, decrepit, obsolete, out of date, waste of time? No, it's none of these things

When you eventually get round to needing major upgrading you'll probably find you will be better advised to buy a new computer rather than spend money upgrading this

That's the time to persuade your father he needs a new one again!

  Woolwell 13:28 28 Mar 2011

It's better than the system on which I'm typing this, having a better processor otherwise the specs are similar. You'll find it very slow for HD video but apart from that it's fine. The PSU is on the low side.

  ChrisBass 14:05 28 Mar 2011

thanks, that helps.

just wated to check it isnt too out of date or anything just yet.

do you think it is worth upgrading to windows 7 or waiting for windows 8? or would that not be worth it?

  Woolwell 16:08 28 Mar 2011

What are the Windows Experience Index figures?
For Windows 7 you should run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor click here.

It must be only about 3 years old.

  961 16:37 28 Mar 2011

Quite honestly if your Vista is working ok I'd leave it

To upgrade will cost over £50 and would be much better put aside for a new computer when the time comes

At that stage you'll probably get a copy of Windows with your new machine that the maker has bought from Microsoft at a much reduced cost to yourself

  GaT7 17:02 28 Mar 2011

According to the specs click here that's quite a powerful PC: quadcore CPU, 4Gb RAM, 1Tb hard drive, Blu-Ray reader, etc (your particular model's spec may vary slightly from the one in the link, but it can't be much worse I don't think). Your first computer? I'd be proud to have it as my 10th even!

Yes, won't do for most 3D games & similar (as already mentioned by the guys), but quite capable for most everything else. So there's no need to upgrade it & especially if you 'wont be doing anything too strenuous' on it.

What OS does it have now? Vista should be fine, unless you'd prefer Win7. I wouldn't wait for Win8 unless there's a good reason for doing so.

'just wated to check it isnt too out of date or anything just yet.'

The PC I use for most activities (except gaming) IS outdated by today's standards, BUT it does everything I ask of it at a good pace so I find no need whatsoever to upgrade it. ALL the PC's I've owned have been this way.

So you should only think of upgrading a PC according to your needs & performance it gives you for the things you do on it. Even if it seems to have slowed down after a few months, a good hard disk clean-up &/or fresh OS install should be enough to get it performing to its full potential again - rarely fails to work for me.

Also note that in some cases buying a new PC could be a better investment than upgrading an older one. You could even sell the old one to partly finance the new one. But in this case, you'd be better with sticking with the present one, until it begins to show its age - not in terms of what the world thinks of it, but by what YOU can or cannot do on it. G

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