computer hanging on log off and shutdown

  ReyesKing 10:44 06 Feb 2005

Hi, whenever i log off or shutdown, the computer hangs for a long time, around 6-7 mins. Sometimes a message says closing down ccApp, a Norton IS 2005 process. sometimes i click end now, other times i leave it. when i press log off or shutdwon, the screen stays as it is ,(the home windows screen) and the mouse responds. i usually cant open any programs as it says windows is shutting down. i fear this is Norton doing this as it gave me this problem before, not shutting or logging off for several minutes. I have Windows XP, 512 MB DDR RAM, 2.70 GHz processor. can anyone help me?

  Graham ® 10:50 06 Feb 2005

It is almost certainly Norton scanning files, etc. You should be able to configure Norton not to do this on shutdown.

  ReyesKing 10:58 06 Feb 2005

thanks for responding graham. any ideas how? i already changed it not to scan the a drive on shutdown, i dont know what else

  Graham ® 11:09 06 Feb 2005

Haven't got Norton myself, but I seem to remember you have to turn off auto-protect.

  ReyesKing 11:16 06 Feb 2005

i had hoped i could do it without turning this off

  Graham ® 13:00 06 Feb 2005

I do have Norton on my PC, but have never used it. I use AVG, which has Resident Shield, same function as auto-protect.

  pc moron 15:31 06 Feb 2005

Have a read through this click here
Some people have sorted it various ways and it appears Symantec are working on it.

  ReyesKing 18:19 08 Feb 2005

thankyou pc moron, it hangs so much why does it do this?

  pc moron 21:00 08 Feb 2005

I've seen your other thread about Avast.

If you're running two anti-virus programs that could well be the reason for the computer hanging at log off and shutdown.

I don't know how to remove Avast- but someone who does will post to your other thread.

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