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  gold 47 13:00 14 Oct 2003

You read on the forum people that have problems with computer games now on the market,does anyone think we are getting ripped off, games should not be made that complex that they can only be played on the latest computers after all not all of use have over thousand pound plus to buy a new computer every year and if you have opened the pack you would be very lucky to get your money back.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:06 14 Oct 2003

Read the min requirements on the game before you buy saves a lot of hassle if you know your system doesnt meet them,and to be fair users get errors not cos there system cant run the game but because the game needs setting up or it conflicts with somethin else or needs drivers updated.


  goonerbill 13:29 14 Oct 2003

this has been going on for years. games will need to improve so that they are able to sell. look in any game shop and any game over £20 will be 6 months or less old and look at the vast selection ya got to choose from and there all after ya money.

to sell a game they need something special (apart from games that are based on a film or thoughs that have been around for years and bring a new version out every 1 to 2 years) and lightning fast speed or super doper graphics and being as realistic as possible are going to sell (as long as people want them).

as for newer games not running on older machines, yes this is a problem but games do have on the boxes minimum specs to help ya know if it will run on your pc. also if things look jurky, ya can always set things to there lowest specs in the game menu.

the biggest problem with games is getting them to run on any pc without any problems. with so many different combinations of pc components and software, we will never be able to have trouble free gaming.

if trouble free gaming is what ya after, the only solution is to get a plastic box for around £130.

and to answer ya question NO but we aint being treated fairly though but thats pc games for ya.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:47 14 Oct 2003

No we not bieng treated fairly ? how can u say that if the PC dont meet the min spec and you buy and take it home expecting it to work whos at fault the people who make games?it down to choice what people wont at that time, agreed some pcs are better than others but if you wont a game that is bang up to date expect to pay 40 quid or more and even then it not forced to work straight out the box.The games makers are only trying to keep up with what people wont and what todays pc is capable of doing if you have a pree war pc dont expect miracles,either upgrade or buy less exciting games after all they all need to make money, for us that can play good games on good pc's.And if this gets ya back up .......i dont care.


  gold 47 14:39 14 Oct 2003

Many thanks all for your input.

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