Computer Frozen

  chestnutcake 15:27 20 Jul 2010

Hi Can anbody help me please. My Desktop Computer which has Microsoft XP switches on correctly but when I try to activate anything, by using my mouse, I do not get any response and furthermore, the"eggtimer" appears on the taskbar. I have tried control alt and delete but nothing will work, just the arrow is on the screen which does move around but will not activate anything at all. Has anyone any ideas?

I am writing this on my laptop, three cheers for two computers.

  northumbria61 15:37 20 Jul 2010

If it is a wireless mouse there is a "connect" button to press underneath your mouse so that it can communicate with the receiver - also buttons on the receiver to reset/activate. Also check batteries.

  chestnutcake 16:10 20 Jul 2010

Thanks Northumbria61 for your quick response. I do not have a wireless mouse. My mouse is lit up underneath and it will move the arrow around but nothing will come on. Just when I hover the arrow over the taskbar the eggtimer appears as if something is trying to load. I have had a thought about this. I foolishly put the vacuum cleaner nozzle over the keyboard on Sunday and this dislodged three of the keys { I know this was extremely stupid} these were the ALT, the AltGr and the one with the Windows logo, I have been using the computer without any difficulty since then but have not had to use the said keys -I am wondering if I cannot activate the computer because the ALT key is now useless. It wasn't a case of just the top piece coming off, the tiny little piece of soft rubber underneath the key got detached from its base. Presumably if this key was not broken, Control, Alt and delete may solve the problem. Maybe it could be a case of getting a new keyboard???? Why did I try to clean the keys????

  Pineman100 16:13 20 Jul 2010

A new keyboard is probably your best solution. They're not expensive, as this example shows:

click here

  recap 16:15 20 Jul 2010

Use the Windows key and arrow keys to navigate to Control Panel. In here navigate to Admin Tools/Event Viewer and check the System logs to see if there are any errors generated that points to your problem.

  chestnutcake 16:34 20 Jul 2010

Thanks Pineman and recap, replies greatly appreciated. I will be delighted if it is just a new keyboard, I agree, they are not expensive. I cannot use the arrow keys to navigate anywhere. When I move the arrow to Start so I can go to Control Panel, the arrow just changes to the Eggtimer, absolutely nothing will move on the Taskbar and using the arrow on the icons on the desktop will not work, nothing activates.

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